• BM-03

    When this patient presented for consultation, she was concerned with aging around her eyes. She stated that her eyes made her look a lot older than she felt. After a thorough examination and consultation, the patient decided to undergo an endoscopic brow lift, and upper/lower blepharoplasty. Her main concern was to rejuvenate her eyes without changing her overall appearance. Here she is shown 6 weeks after surgery.
  • BM-01

    This patient initially sought medical attention for difficulty with excess skin of her upper eyelids. After a complete consultation, she decided that she would like to rejuvenate her overall face. Here she is shown 2 months after surgery with Dr. Athre in Houston, TX. A face lift, brow lift, and an upper eyelid surgery in the Houston area were performed.
  • Eyelid-01

    This patient is young, professional woman who was looking for a quick pick me up. Her primary concern was loose, crepe-like skin of her lower eyelids. She felt that these wrinkles really made her look a lot older than she felt. Some of the complicating factors for her was her work. She really could not afford extensive down-time or time off work. She was referred to Dr. Athre after talking to her hair dresser at Toni and Guy in Baybrook mall in Clear Lake. Her needs were very simple. She wanted to look a little refreshed without changing her overall appearance. She had seen other plastic surgeons in the Houston area and was not ready to undergo the extensive procedure that most other surgeons recommended. During her consultation, she mentioned the same concerns to Dr. Athre. He also agreed that she needed a very mild procedure that redraped the loose skin and tightened the underlying muscle. A new lower eyelid procedure was customized for her to do exactly this. The patient had a lower eyelid blepharoplasty done at Kobayashi Surgical Center under slight sedation. Here she is shown 5 days after her procedure with a spot of touch-up make-up. This procedure has become extremely popular because of the low down time involved and the phenomenal, instantaneous results. It was even featured on Channel 39 news in Houston.
  • Eyelid-10

    Patient is a 51 yr old female who didn't feel as old as she looked. She came to see Dr. Raghu Athre in Webster, Texas to see what she could do to look more refreshed. She chose to undergo an RT mini-facelift, Rhinoplasty, Full Face Laser Resurfacing, Upper Eyelids, and Lip Augmentation for a full facial rejuvenation. She is shown 8 weeks post-op. She is ecstatic with her results!
  • Eyelid-09

    S is a lovelly woman who also feels that "the face that she sees in the mirror doesn't match the way she feels on the inside." This is a very common statement at Athre Surgical Associates. Patients look high and low to find a plastic surgeon to give them a "refreshed" appearance, not a "done" appearance. S wanted exactly that. S also was an out-of-town patient. She underwent multiple phone consultations and even Skype consultations. After her consultations, S flew down to Houston for her face lift and eyelid surgery. She underwent the procedures at the Kobayashi Surgical Center in Clear Lake, a suburb of Houston. She stayed in town for 10 days and then flew back home. She is shown here 10 days after surgery. S's main concern that she not loose her "pseudo-Asian eyes" that her husband loved! That's why she had a very conservative upper blepharoplasty.
  • Eyelid-08

    P is an active 59 year old woman who just did not look as young as she felt. She was very active, worked out frequently, hiked, and worked a full-time job. She actually lived in a small community in the mountains of Colorado, but came to know of Dr. Athre through her sister who lives in Houston, TX.Dr. Athre performed multiple telephone consultations and email consultations with P. This is a routine process at Athre Surgical Associates, since many patients fly into Houston for Dr. Athre to do their plastic surgery. After discussing the potential procedures, P chose to undergo a chin augmentation, a face lift, and eyelid surgery. The entire surgery was performed at the Kobayashi Surgical Center. P healed very well and was back on her way to Colorado in 10 days. most procedures have become stream-lined at Athre Surgical to facilitate our out-of-town patients. Here she is shown approximately 1 month after surgery. The patient had to take her own photographs, which explains the difference in backgrounds, etc in the post-operative pics. As an aside, P also had a skin cancer on her nose that was repaired by another surgeon in the past.
  • Eyelid-07

    KV is a Cambodian female who presented to me because she had too much hooding of her upper eyelids. The excess hooding obstructed her vision, and she caused her eyes to tire early. As an aside, she was unhappy with the aging of her lower eyelids. After consultation, she decided to undergo an upper and lower eyelid blepharoplasty under general anesthesia at the Kobayashi Surgical center. KY was from Galveston, but decided to have her surgery with Dr. Athre in Houston after her consultation. She is shown here 2 weeks after surgery.
  • Eyelid-06

    DJ is a lovely lady who saw Dr. Athre on TV when he was featured on Channel 39 news. Dr. Athre developed a new lower eyelid procedure that was on Channel 39 news. This new lower eyelid procedure rejuvenates the lower eyelid in as little as 45 minutes. DJ actually drove to see Dr. Athre all the way from the Woodlands, TX. After discussion and consultation with DJ, Dr. Athre found her to be an ideal candidate for lower eyelid surgery. DJ has several things that make her case very difficult. First, she has a nice face with good volume. It is easy to remove too much fat which would actually age her face and make her look too hollow. Also, she does not have a lot of excess skin. Removal of too much skin would predispose her to sagging of her lower eyelid. Also, she is a young, active woman who has to be back to work ASAP. Dr. Athre did her procedure and conservatively removed skin and fat. The procedure was done under local anesthesia with IV sedation on a Friday, and DJ was back to work on Monday! She allowed herself 8 weeks to heal, and she felt that she wanted a little more fat removed. She came back in for a quick touch-up procedure. It is always easier to remove a bit more fat than to remove too much fat at the beginning. Her touch-up procedure took about 15 minutes. Here she is shown 1 week after her touch-up and she is thrilled!
  • Eyelid-05

    MK is a male patient that had two primary concerns. Firstly, he was concerned with the excess skin of his upper eyelids. He stated that the excess skin hampered his vision, especially at the end of the day. Secondly, he felt that he looked a tad older than he actually perceived himself on the inside. His girlfriend lived in California, and he had discussed his needs with multiple surgeons. He then decided to discuss his concerns with Dr. Athre. After consultation, MK and Dr. Athre decided on a conservative upper and lower blepharoplasty to rejuvenate his eyes, but still keep him looking very masculine. One of the dangers in doing eyelid surgery in men, is over-feminization of the eyelids by taking out too much skin or too much fat. MK decided to undergo his procedure in Houston with Dr. Athre under local anesthesia with IV sedation, and his girlfriend flew down from Los Angeles to help him with his post-operative care. MK did well in his surgery, and is shown here before and 2 weeks after upper and lower blepharoplasty.
  • Eyelid-03

    Ray is the patient coordinator at Athre Facial Plastics. For months, Ray had stated that she just did not look as young as she felt. She works out constantly, is in good shape, and always has excess energy. She felt that her eyes really gave her away, and her primary concern was the crepe-like skin under her eyes. The wrinkles in this area held on to make-up and powder and looked even worse with make-up. She also wanted a quick, rejuvenating surgery that would address this issue and allow her to get back to taking care of our patients as soon as possible. After careful analysis, Dr. Athre decided to once again do the specialized lower eyelid procedure that he has developed. This procedure would re-drape the skin, remove excess skin, and tighten the underlying muscle. Ray's lower blepharoplasty was performed at Kobayashi Surgery Center on a Friday under mild sedation. She was up and about the next day, and was even cleaning her house. The first set of pictures shown below shows Ray on Monday, just 3 days after her surgery with no make-up! The second set of pictures show Ray at 2 weeks following surgery. Her surgery was even taped and put on youtube...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JwokDf-2h00
  • Eyelid-04

    JP is an awesome patient. She is a great friend of Stephanie, Dr. Athre's nurse. JP showed up for one of our seminars and was awestruck. She met several patients that had had surgery with Dr. Athre, and was convinced that she wanted Dr. Athre as her surgeon. She setup a consultation to discuss her concerns and her want-list with Dr. Athre. JP's concerns were primarily her eyes. She really understood that the one thing that really rejuvenates the face is rejuvenation of the eyes. JP decided to undergo an upper blepharoplasty at Kobayashi Surgical Center with Dr. Athre. Her procedure was done under local anesthesia in about 40 minutes. She is shown here before surgery, during surgery, and 5 days after surgery. JP was back at work in 4 days!
  • Eyelid-02

    PL is a middle aged female who was referred to Dr. Athre by her husband. Her husband had been a boxer as a young adult and had broken nose numerous times and he had surgery numerous times in the past with persistent. After searching out numerous rhinoplasty and plastic surgeons in Houston and Clear Lake, he chose to have his procedure with Dr. Athre in Clear Lake. He subsequently referred his wife. His wife had genetic bags that were extensive under her eyes. She had had these bags for numerous years and was simply tired and frustrated with them. She had undergone upper eyelid surgery in the past, and was now considering lower eyelid surgery to correct the extensive bags and herniated fat under her eyes. She felt that the bags under her eyes made her look tired, angry, and a lot older than she really was. After completing a consultation with Dr. Athre, she decided to undergo lower blepharoplasty with Dr. Athre. Her procedure was performed at Kobayashi Surgery Center in Dr. Athre's office. The lower blepharoplasty was performed under mild sedation and internal and external incision were used due to the extensiveness of the excess fat and skin. In essence, the excess fat was removed, the orbicularis muscle was tightened, and excess skin was also trimmed. She is shown here 2 weeks following her procedure. One can clearly see that there is minimal swelling, and she is completely back to all of her daily life activities. Care was taken not to remove too much skin because removal of too much skin can lead to ectropion or scarring causing the lashes to tun outwards. One can clearly see that PL looks very natural without an "operated" look to her eyes.
  • Eyelid-11

    Patient had a conservative upper blepharoplasty to reduce the fullness of her upper eyelids. She is shown 5 days after surgery
  • Eyelid-12

    The patient felt that her eyes gave away her age. She underwent an upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) and is shown before and 2 weeks after surgery


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