Houston Area Brow Lift

Are you tired of deep creases across your forehead? Do you see a lot of excess tissue in your upper eyelids? You may need to take a closer look at your brows and forehead. The eyebrows help shape the overall look of the face and frame the eyes. The eyes are one of the most important focal points of the face; and therefore, aging in the region of the eyes ages the entire face.

As aging naturally occurs, the eyebrows gently start to fall. This gives the appearance of thickness around the upper eyelid. As the eyebrows start to fall, forehead wrinkles and deep wrinkles between the eyebrows can form. A simple procedure in the Houston area called a brow lift can be performed to bring the brows back to their youthful, natural position.

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Anatomy & Aging of the Eyebrow Region

Underneath the skin of the forehead is a tissue layer and a muscle layer. The muscle layer, or the frontalis muscle, holds the brows up. This muscle is used during squinting or if surprised. The tissue layer is made up of a matrix of collagen and elastin, which gives the forehead youthful fullness.

With aging, the brows slowly start to fall due to gravity and the loss of collagen. The frontalis muscle works harder to hold the brows up, causing forehead wrinkles. Fine wrinkles start to form due to the breakdown of elastin and collagen fibers within the tissue matrix of the skin. The skin around the forehead can appear rough with uneven texture and color.

Nonsurgical Approaches

The primary nonsurgical therapy for aging of the brows is BOTOX® Cosmetic for Houston area men and women. BOTOX can be used to address mild aging of the brows and forehead wrinkles by relaxing the frontalis muscle. If injected carefully, BOTOX can relax the forehead lines and elevate the brows slightly for up to 3 to 4 months per injection. BOTOX cannot be used to treat moderate or severe brow aging.

Surgical Approaches

Surgical approaches to the brow elevate the brow by lifting the tissue and the muscle. There are several techniques such as a coronal brow lift, endoscopic brow lift, direct brow lift, and many others. The choice of technique is tailored to each patient after taking into consideration the patient’s anatomy, gender, natural brow shape and ethnic considerations. For more complete benefits, a face lift in the Houston area may also be performed to reduce sagging in the lower face.

Before a Houston forehead lift consultation at Athré Facial Plastics, patients will be asked to bring in a picture of themselves at age 20-25. This picture serves as a benchmark to customize the correct procedure to achieve the desired results. Functional, anatomical, and aesthetic goals are all reviewed to ensure a positive result. In some cases, eyelid surgery in the Houston area may also be performed to further “open up” the eye area.

Immediately prior to the procedure, the amount of brow lifting and the arch and contour of the eyebrow is specifically marked on the forehead. This procedure is normally done under sedation or general anesthesia, and lasts approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour. Patients are allowed to go home the same day, and will follow-up the next day for an office visit. Incision sites are unnoticeable within a week and patients can return to full normal activity within 5 to 7 days.