Your Facial Enhancement Options

If you are unhappy with the face staring back at you in the mirror, there are plenty of nonsurgical options and facial plastic surgery procedures in the Houston area from Dr. Raghu Athré that can help you get back on track. Dr. Athré is a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist who has extensive training and experience with facial rejuvenation.

FACE LIFT: For deep wrinkles on the lower face and a sagging neck and jowls, a face lift can turn back the clock.

MINI FACE LIFT: Less invasive than traditional approaches, the RT Lift™ mini face lift helps people just beginning to see signs of aging.

BOTOX® COSMETIC: A top choice for wrinkle treatment in the upper portion of the face, BOTOX can smooth your appearance in minutes.

INJECTABLE FILLERS: Injectables are a quick, simple way to enhance your appearance with no downtime.

LASER SKIN RESURFACING: A great way to refresh and revive your appearance, this treatment also helps your skin renew from within.

LIP AUGMENTATION: Genetics and natural aging can lead to thin, drawn lips. Lip augmentation adds volume to the upper and/or lower lips.

CHIN AUGMENTATION: A simple, quick procedure to add volume to a small chin, caused by aging or in patients with a genetically small chin.

NECK LIFT & LIPOSUCTION: If you are noticing some excess tissue in your neck or loss of definition of the neck angle, a neck lift can help.

Dr. Athré looks forward to meeting with you and helping you learn more about facial enhancement.

Request a complimentary consultation online with him or schedule your appointment by calling 281-557-3223.

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