Chin Augmentation

The chin brings the entire face into proportion. Having a recessed chin can give the appearance of an unbalanced face, an overly projected nose, or even a lack of definition in the neck area. Chin augmentation from Houston cosmetic surgeon Dr. Athré is a simple, quick procedure to add volume to a small chin, caused by aging or in patients with a genetically small chin.

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Anatomy of the Chin

The chin is made up of skin, soft tissue, and bone. As aging occurs, the bone of the jaw slowly recedes, causing a smaller chin and small grooves to occur in front of the jowls. A mini facelift or traditional face lift in the Houston area can help lift the jowls, but may not address the small groove in front of the cheeks. This groove is due to the loss of bone in the jaw that occurs with aging.

Therapies and Options

Non-Surgical Approaches

There are few options to non-surgically address loss of chin volume. Minimal loss of chin volume can be reversed with a semi-permanent injectable filler such as RADIESSE® or a permanent filler such as Artefill®.

Surgical Approaches

Chin augmentation is the primary way to address loss of volume in the chin area. The procedure can be performed in the clinic, in the operating room, or in conjunction with other procedures. Careful examination and measurements are taken during the initial consultation and help determine which technique is the most suitable.

The procedure takes 30 minutes, and patients can return to full physical activity the next day. Chin augmentation is commonly done in conjunction with rhinoplasty at our Houston area practice to bring the face into aesthetic proportion while bringing the nose into an aesthetically pleasing profile and proportion. Chin augmentation is also done in conjunction with facelifts or the RT Lift to add volume to the chin, sharpen the neck angle, help eradicate the jowls, and erase the grooves that can sometimes form in front of the jowls.