Face Lift in Houston Area

Deep wrinkles? Sagging neck and jowls? Our faces take the brunt of the elements and show the first signs of aging. Aging skin loses its elasticity and seems to hang on the face. What can be done to turn back the clock? Many people turn to a face lift in the Houston area to revive and refresh their appearance.

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Anatomy of the Face

The face is made of multiple layers: the skin, an extracellular matrix, and muscle. The extracellular matrix is made up of elastic and collagen fibers, which keeps the skin elastic. The muscle layer is made of a combination of muscle and tissue and is also known as the SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system). Underneath the skin of the neck is a muscle layer called the platysma, which acts like a sling to keep the neck taut and youthful.

As aging occurs, the skin on the face loses collagen and elastin due to sun exposure, gravity, and constant muscle contraction caused by talking, smiling, laughing, etc. The skin loses its elasticity causing deep wrinkles, jowl formation and sagging skin in the face and neck.

Non-Surgical Approaches

The best way to prevent photoaging or the breakdown of elastin and collagen is prevention. A medical grade sunblock can block the sun’s harmful UV rays, which causes the breakdown of collagen, uneven skin texture, and age spots. A full medical grade skin regimen can lightly resurface skin, remove fine lines, even skin color, and reverse existing skin damage.

Other nonsurgical options to help with facial anti-aging include laser skin resurfacing, chemical peels, injectable fillers such as RADIESSE® and BOTOX® Cosmetic in Houston.

What Is a Face Lift?

face-lift-houstonThe primary goal of Houston, Texas face lift surgery is to tighten tissues, which have started sagging due to age and gravity. A face lift will tighten the jowls and cheeks, the skin of the neck, tighten the neck tissues, and soften the smile lines. Advances in surgical techniques and materials allow tailoring face lifts for individual patients.

Some surgeons performing facelift in Houston only tighten the skin. The skin itself has no strength, and as a result these types of facelifts do not last more than a few months. At Athré Surgical Associates, all face lifts lift the muscle and tissue layer, leaving no tension in the skin. Therefore, the effect lasts longer and the incisions are hidden for a flawless final outcome. Dr. Athré also performs a mini face lift procedure called the RT Lift™ that is more affordable and requires less downtime than the traditional procedure.

How Is a Face Lift Performed?

The incision generally is made in the hairline around the temples and around the ear. A small (less than 1/2″) incision is made right under the chin to sculpt and tighten the neck tissues. After the skin is lifted, the underlying muscle layer is tightened and the excess skin is trimmed. Meticulous technique, attention to detail, and microscopic sutures all provide for a natural, non-operated look.
The goal is to restore a very natural look and to have patients look like themselves, just refreshed. No two patients are identical, so no two face lifts Dr. Athré performs are the same. Tailoring the surgery for each patient is the only way to prevent a “pulled” or windblown appearance.

Face lifts are performed under deep sedation or general anesthesia. A face lift can be combined with other procedures such as eyelid surgery in Houston. The surgery itself takes approximately 2.5 hours, and patients should be back to work in 7 to 10 days.