Surgical hair transplant and medical restoration

Male or female, old or young, if you’re experiencing hair loss, you can be sure that there are millions of other people just like you. You can regain your self-assurance and a healthy head of hair with medical hair restoration or a surgical hair transplant in Houston, TX from Dr. Raghu Athré. He has the specialized training and skill to determine the underlying cause of hair loss and address those issues via surgical and non-surgical means.

Dr. Athré is a facial cosmetic surgeon with a passion for helping people look their best.

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Dr. Athré is available for select evening and weekend consultation appointments. If you are interested in meeting with him at one of these times, please call our office during our normal business hours for more information about his availability.

Treatment Options

In Houston, a surgical hair transplant or medical restoration takes careful planning and attention to detail. During your initial consultation, Dr. Athré will perform a careful examination and listen closely as you explain your goals for and concerns about hair restoration. Then, using medical or surgical means (or a combination of both), he will help you achieve a full head of hair that looks healthy and natural.


Some cases of hair loss can be addressed solely through medical management. Medical management involves daily oral and/or topical medications. These medications, such as Propecia®, minimize the loss of hair and some may even grow new hair in areas where it was lost.


Dr. Athré uses an advanced surgical technique – follicular unit transplantation (FUT) – to achieve attractive results for his patients. Instead of simply implanting “plugs,” he carefully harvests a strip of hair from the back of the scalp (an area immune to hair loss). The strip is then divided into follicles of 1, 2, and 3 hairs (the way hairs naturally grow). Each follicle is then meticulously transplanted into place. The entire procedure is performed with the patient mildly sedated so that they are pain and anxiety free. You can be home the same day and back to work within 1 to 2 days.

Dr. Athré also offers follicular unit extraction (FUE). This method extracts the hairs one follicle at a time, rather than removing a strip of hair. This is the preferred mode in some patients, including those who have had a previous procedure, those with a very tight scalp, or those patients wanting to wear their hair very short.

Why Dr. Athré

When it comes to hair loss and hair restoration, compassion and empathy are essential. In this way, Dr. Athré truly stands out. “I know from personal experience that hair loss can affect self-esteem and can even make you feel older than you really are,” he says. His specialized training in the head and neck, paired with his compassionate attitude, make him the choice of many men and women seeking hair restoration.

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