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Since the face is one of the most exposed areas of the body, the sun, gravity and the natural aging process all take their toll on facial skin. All skin is made up of many different types of proteins, the most important being elastin and collagen. These two proteins form a matrix to give skin its volume, texture, and elasticity.

Skin care treatments in the Houston area is so important because as aging occurs, collagen and elastin are broken down at a faster rate than they are re-made. Environmental factors such as sun exposure, multiple previous sunburns, and smoking speed up the breakdown of elastin and collagen, causing premature aging. Signs of premature aging include uneven texture, roughness, loss of volume, fine and coarse wrinkles, increased pore size, and changes in tone such as age spots.

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Your Medical-Grade Skin Care Options

A medical grade skin regimen is very different than what is available over the counter or at the department store. The ingredients are much stronger, and all of the products are only available through a physician’s office under the guidance of a doctor. A prescription, medical grade skin care regimen, like Skin Rx™, can halt and reverse many of these signs of aging. Furthermore, scientific studies have shown that a medical grade skin regimen can actually grow new collagen to plump up skin and give it more elasticity.
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SkinRx is exclusive to Athré Facial Plastics and is only available under the guidance of a physician. A full regimen consists of a face wash, a skin resurfacer, a skin tone evener that removes freckles and age spots, an exfoliator and a medical grade sunblock. The combination of these products will clean skin, remove dead skin cells, promote new skin growth, even skin tone, remove age spots and encourage new collagen growth. The medical grade sunblock prevents UV damage to the new skin and protects existing skin from further damage.

A Note on Prevention

thre Surgical Associates Skin Care Products
The key to preventing premature aging is controlling environmental factors. Not smoking and preventing excessive sun exposure can help reduce the effects of harmful UV rays and irritants to the skin. Practicing sun avoidance and using a medical grade sun block will prevent both premature aging and minimize the risk of skin cancers. Prevention starts early so using daily sun block should become part of your children’s daily ritual as well.

Despite practicing prevention, some amount of sun exposure, exposure to the elements, and natural aging is inevitable. An individualized skin care regimen can combat these factors, and reverse premature aging. Skin takes 4 to 6 weeks to turn over so the results of a skin care regimen are not immediate. For more advanced anti-aging treatments, surgical or nonsurgical measures like BOTOX® in Houston may be recommended.

For general skin care, anti-aging regimens, and for specialized problems such as acne, it is important to schedule a consultation so Dr. Athré can fully evaluate your skin and suggest an appropriate skin regimen.