Smoother and youthful skin!

The Texas #summer heat is here and its time for tank tops and bikinis! Unfortunately being comfortable in the rising temperatures and bright sunshine can come with some unfortunate side effects. The sun can cause damage which results in more textured skin and increased #wrinkles.

We’re not just talking about facial wrinkles either, most forget to protect their necks and chest from the beaming rays. Years of sun exposure to those areas can create a crepe effect to the décolleté which can also look leathery.

The skin of the décolleté receives a lot of sun damage, and can be stubborn to treat. Resurfacing procedures can help even the texture and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles in this area.

Two options include #TCApeels and #Dermaneedling.

TCA peels works really well in this area to reduce the appearance of fine lines and thin skin. The down side to the TCA peel is that skin frequently requires 7-8 days for re-epithelialization. Hence, there is some down time associated.

Dermaneedling works great in this area with NO DOWN TIME. It requires about 30-45 minutes in the office. Another advantage to #dermaneedling is that the skin is recovered for the most part in 24-36 hours.

Also, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WEAR SUNSCREEN to prevent future damage!

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