4 To-Dos before Your Rhinoplasty Consultation

woman looking up

Most people considering a “nose job” can’t wait for the day when they first see the look they envisioned staring back at them in the mirror. The first big step toward making your new nose a reality is to schedule consultations with several board-certified facial plastic surgeons. And before those appointments, do your homework so that you are prepared to make the most of your time with your prospective nose surgeon.

1. Be Clear about What You Want to Change

For many people, it’s obvious what they want to change about their nose. It may be crooked, too large, or have a prominent bump. But even if you think you know what you want your nose to look like, make sure you are clear with your rhinoplasty surgeon about exactly what bothers you. He or she may offer some ideas to consider based on experience. For instance, you may be bothered by your crooked nose, and not notice that once straightened, it might also be a good idea to reshape it to better fit the proportions of your face.

2. Be Realistic

A mistake some people make when considering nose surgery is to focus on people whose noses they find appealing. While this can help when discussing your goals with your facial plastic surgeon, be careful not to get too fixated on achieving anyone else’s exact look. In some cases, a radically different nose won’t fit your face, or may not even be possible. A skilled nose surgeon will respect your existing facial anatomy while finding a new nose shape that is satisfying.

3. View Plenty of Before & Afters

As you meet with facial plastic surgeons to discuss your rhinoplasty, they are likely to share a bit about their experience performing nose surgery and any special training they may have completed. This is important information, but the most important thing a surgeon can deliver is excellent results. And the best way to see that is to look at as many rhinoplasty before and after images as you can find. Pay particular attention to how well the “after” results complement a patient’s other facial features, and whether the surgeon has successfully addressed a cosmetic enhancement similar to yours.

4. Make a List of Questions

Informed patients make good decisions about what they want to achieve with a rhinoplasty and understand what to expect in the days and weeks after the surgery. Type up or write down some “nose job notes” that include whatever is on your mind. Maybe you are particularly concerned about bruising after the procedure. Or wondering how long until you can safely play sports or head back to work. By logging all of your questions and bringing those to your consultation, you’ll be in the best position to feel confident about your choices, have a positive surgical experience, and enjoy the results of your surgery.

We are always available to help our nose surgery patients during the recovery process. If you’re thinking about rhinoplasty, contact us online or call the office today at 281-557-3223 to schedule a consultation.