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Making a guess on results should never be a part of the plastic surgery process. Luckily with new technology like 3D facial imaging, patients and doctors are able to actually visualize results and make necessary adjustments.  3D facial imaging has started

You may have started hearing about the new trend in facial fillers, something called “Baby Botox.” Don’t be concerned—this isn’t BOTOX® for babies.  Also known as “micro-Botox,” Baby Botox refers to a Botox session where less of the traditional injectable is

If you’re choosing to add a PRP treatment to your microneedling or other facial resurfacing treatment, you’re in for a treat. PRP, which stands for platelet-rich-plasma, contains rejuvenating growth factors that encourage the production of collagen, and speeds up recovery.

Nearly half of all women and over 80% of men experience hair loss sometime in their life. This naturally occurring process is completely normal, but isn’t exactly something we’re all looking forward to. Luckily, hundreds of treatments (with varying degrees