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There are a million sayings with respect to the eyes. “The eyes are windows to the soul.” “What the eye does not admire the heart does not desire.” “The eyes see everything but themselves.” “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

These are but a few examples of proverbs and sayings regarding the eyes. What makes the eyes special? Your mother or father probably taught you as a child to have a good handshake and look at people in the eye while talking to them.

Studies have shown that:

1. “…that, from birth, human infants prefer to look at faces that engage them in mutual gaze and that, from an early age, healthy babies show enhanced neural processing of direct gaze.”

2. “…neural evidence for the unconscious detection of emotion and gaze cues from the sclera in 7-mo-old infants. Our findings demonstrate the existence of fast, efficient, and reliable social cue detection mechanisms in the human infant brain that likely provide a vital foundation for the development of social interactive skills.”

All of this shows us how important eye contact really is. It is so important, that it is wired in from birth. When we talk to each other, our eyes tend to lock into the gaze of the recipient. Therefore, when we address facial rejuvenation, anything that we can do with the eye complex normally pays one of the highest dividends. It is the first area that I assess when a facial rejuvenation patient comes into the office.

Rejuvenation of this area can be broken down into three main parts.

1. The brow complex
2. The upper eyelid complex
3. The lower eyelid complex

Of these three areas, the upper eyelid complex is the easiest, and fastest to rejuvenate. Almost always, rejuvenation of this complex requires a minor surgery called upper blepharoplasty. A simple upper blepharoplasty takes about 45 minutes, is done under local anesthesia, and you can truly drive yourself home. The post-operative care is also simple…ice it for 1 day, wash the incisions daily, and you can even wear eye makeup within 5-7 days.

In my opinion, it is the quickest, easiest, and highest ROI thing you can do to look younger. Patients usually say that: “I can see more…”, “My eyes are more open and brighter…” “ I look more awake and less tired…”

The lower eyelid complex, in my opinion, is one of the most complicated areas to rejuvenate. Patients frequently come in with a complaint of eye bags. In the past, the solution was always to remove fat from the under-eye region. The problem with this methodology is that it frequently leaves patients looking hollow, which ages them more than rejuvenates them. The lower eyelid complex is not an area where there is 1 answer to all problems. Rejuvenation of this area usually involves a balance of fat resection, volume replenishment (filler or fat), and possible skin excision.

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