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Will depressor septi release alone correct my plunging tip when smiling?

By Elekktra, Los Angeles, CA

I am satisfied with my nose except when I smile. My tip goes from a “neutral” ( not upturned but not droopy) to plunging into my smile-this causes me to not smile for photographs. Would releasing mg depressor septi as a stand alone cause an improvement? What would the cost be for this procedure? Would adding a premaxillary implant help this issue? I’d like to avoid a full rhinoplasty. Thank you!

Doctor Answers

Septal depressor release

I release the septal depressor in every rhinoplasty.  Seeing the results of this, I can tell you…

  1. Releasing the septal depressor will help some, but…
  2. Your nose will still derotate some on smiling.  It is impossible to “freeze” your nose on dynamic motion such as smiling
  3. I agree with the other doctor that your are slightly overprojected, seem to have a little excess tension of your nose, and are slightly de-rotated at rest
  4. If you are happy with your nose except for the slight amount of de-rotation on smiling, I suggest you do nothing and just smile!

Raghu Athre, MD

Raghu Athre, MD 
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