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Tomato is an important fruit—although considered a vegetable by nutritionists—that has many health benefits due to the presence of antioxidants. These antioxidants give tomatoes its radiant red color. Tomatoes also have a low amount of calories, making it a favorite

Photo Credit: By himanshu gunarathna on Pixabay. CC0 License Molecules called "free radicals" contribute to this loss of collagen in our skin and can cause wrinkles. UV rays in sunlight, cigarette smoke, and pollution abound with free radicals. The fewer the free radicals that we

A scientific definition for “sensitive skin” is a bit difficult to find, as many differing, measurable criteria for the term exist. However, “normal” skin can develop a higher sensitivity when exposed to the following stimuli:    Sunburns Heavy skin-peeling An increased exposure to water,

Photo by Mihai Stefan on Unsplash. License Due to the growing concern for the potential damage that harsh chemicals can cause the body and the environment, going natural is the current trend in cosmetics today. Women are now looking for products that are made

Photo Credit: by panther sohi On Pexels. CC0 License If Botox, collagen injections or plastic surgery aren’t on your top list of to-do’s to help yourself look younger, read on. You don’t need to take extreme measures to reveal a more vibrant you because there