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Crisalix 3D

Do you want to see your new you after the procedure?

With Crisalix 3D imaging technology you can see what you would look like in 3D after the procedure

1. Get scanned by the doctor or start from home

To generate the 3D you can either be scanned during consultation or you can start at home uploading 3 photos of yourself

2. See your new you in 3D

In a matter of seconds your 3D will be generated and the doctor will be able to make the amendments to your body that you desire

3. Access your 3D remotely

At the end of the consultation the doctor will give you access so that you can view your 3D from home on your own device and even share them with friends and family to gain more advice and opinions

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Athré Facial Plastics offers a wide range of facial plastic surgery options and non-surgical cosmetic and skincare treatments. Find the right one for you by contacting our office at (281) 557-3223 or by clicking the button below to request a virtual consultation.

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Dr. Athré is one of the few cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in Houston who is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, certified in Otolaryngology, Head/Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic Surgery.

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