Do Facials Help With Acne?

If you’re struggling with problem skin due to breakouts and acne, you might be wondering if getting a facial treatment can help. The answer depends on your skin and the type of facial, but here’s what to know.

One Session Isn’t Enough

Don’t go into your facial appointment thinking that after one session all of your acne will disappear. The best results from facials tend to take multiple sessions, and will benefit greatly from a regular at-home skin care routine.

Different Facials Have Different Specialties

When you go to your aesthetician, be sure that you’re signing up for a facial that is aimed at targeting blemishes. Different facials specialize in different issues, including pore shrinking, brightening, and acne-treating.

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Facials Work Best for Occasional Breakouts

Facials aimed at treating acne work best for people with the occasional breakout, otherwise known as mild inflammatory acne. If you occasionally break out with whiteheads or blackheads and see localized areas of redness on your skin, a facial treatment might be a good solution.

If you’re suffering from moderate to severe acne, a facial might not be the smartest choice of treatment. In this case, you should seek medical treatment from a dermatologist.

How Acne Facials Work

Facials can help reduce acne by performing a thorough, deep cleanse and exfoliation process. The facial process removes dead skin cells and surface oil, unclogs the pores, and sometimes even includes extractions. Comedonal extractions are when your aesthetician manually releases pore blockages to give you immediate relief and visible improvement.

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Comedonal extractions are only performed on mild breakouts rather than inflamed, severe acne blemishes, and in order to see the best results, you must continue treatment with other acne products and at-home cleansers.

Athré Med Spa Facials

At Athré Med Spa, we offer a variety of soothing and effective facials — many of which can help with mild acne. Our “Adios, Acne Teen Facial” is specifically designed with teens in mind, and aims to soothe the side effects of hormonal changes and congested pores. We even offer a “We Got Your Back, Back Facial,” where we exfoliate and massage the skin on your back and extract any blackheads we come across to make your skin smooth and healthy.

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