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Transportation & Post-Operative Care

We understand that it can be difficult to make transportation arrangements to and from your surgical procedure, so we are pleased to announce that we offer transportation services.


White SUV with athré decal on the side.

How Our Transportation Service Works:

  • During your consultation or pre-op, let us know if you will require transportation or post-op concierge assistance.
  • A member of our Athré team will arrange a time for your pick-up prior to your surgery.
  • Following your procedure, if needed, a team member will also take you home.

Concierge Care and Post-Operative Services:

  • If you need care for a few hours (up to 4 hours) or even overnight after your procedure, we can accommodate that for you.
  • All facelift procedures require a 1-day post-operative appointment; however, you may not want to leave your home immediately following your procedure. For this reason, we can come to you!

Interested in our transportation or post-operative care services? Make sure you ask Barbara about this service during your consultation, or contact us at (281) 557-3223 with more questions.

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