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How to Get Beautiful Skin

Do you want beautiful, radiant skin…Read on..

Facial rejuvenation is a big part of our practice at AFA. It is true that the bulk of facial rejuvenation is surgical and includes face lifts, eye lid (blepharoplasty) surgeries, brow lifts, etc. However, I really feel that skin quality is not given enough importance on the facial rejuvenation spectrum. Even though women wear makeup daily (most of you anyway), I feel that the goal of surgery, etc is to attempt to get to a point where makeup is not NECESSARY. I want to let your natural beauty of your skin shine through! I want you to have beautiful, radiant skin.

So…HOW do we do this???

Ok…here’s the formula. I am going to outline my personal formula from simple to complicated. I know there are a million products, a million lasers, and a million day spas that have amazing pics of models with glowing skin. Let’s get real and not talk about models. Let’s have an honest discussion about real skin and real potential results. I am not an aesthetician. I am not an ER physician owning a med spa. I AM A DOUBLE BOARD CERTIFIED FACIAL PLASTIC SURGEON. I am not happy with removal of a few piddly fine lines. I want drastic, amazing results.

I will rank order 5->1 like Jay Leno’s top 10 on how to get incredible skin.


Eat healthy, adequate hydration, Don’t smoke, and all that other crap they taught you in kindergarden. AD’s: Cheap. DISAD’s: Takes will power


Use Sunscreen all the time. The sun is probably the number one factor that DESTROYS your skin. We tell our kids to wear suncscreen but make excuses for ourselves like it’s too greasy, it gives me too much shine, blah blah. You need sunscreen. Find a sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB and provides a chemical and physical block. If you have questions about where to find all of this, just use Athre Facial Aesthetics Skin RX Sunscreen. It’s even tinted so that you don’t look like you are wearing Kabuki makeup. AD’s: Cheap, effective, prevents aging and skin cancer. DISAD’s: Cannot rejuvenate, only prevents damage


SPA jazz like microneedling, Vitamin C treatments, etc etc. These treatments work to increase the collagen in your skin, and enhance TEXTURE of your skin. These services work, but are not an integral portion of your skin care regimen. In actuality, these treatments have little with mrespect to long term effects and really give you a quick pick-me-up. But, for the sakes of completeness, I do think they should be included. These services can be enhanced with add-ins (like Marble Slab). Examples of add-ins are PRP (vampire facial), Sculptra, etc. AD’s Grow collagen, simple DISAD’s $$$, marginal improvement


Get on a medical grade skin regimen. This includes a retinoid, and Hydroquinone. The retinoid will resurface your skin, grow collagen, thicken your skin, and remove fine lines. The Hydroquinone will remove discolorations, age spots, and even your skin tone. This is the basis of anything you can do for your skin. Don’t do ANYTHING ELSE until you are on this. It protects your investment, makes you heal faster after treatments, prevents problems like hyperpigmentation after procedures and on and on. To put simply, it’s like brushing your teeth. JUST DO IT. AD’s: Can rejuvenate skin, good starting block. DISAD’s: Requires investment (cheap overall, but requires investment). Want to keep it simple…Look at https://www.athre.com/skincare-spa/afa-skin-care/


RESURFACING. Yeehaw! This will truly enhance skin texture, skin character, grow new collagen, improve skin overall color, and even help with scarring. Examples in this category TCA peel (35% and higher) and laser resurfacing (Erbium Sciton, and CO2). Please do not include little minipeels done by an aesthetician and FRAXEL done in the office under no anesthesia. These services are really in the same category as #3-SPA jazz. I am talking about a surgical chemical peel or laser surfacing where the entire face is resurfaced with 7-8 days of down time. My algorithm: In the officeà use TCA peel…if money is no option and and patient is in the operating room under general anesthesia alreadyà use laser. The TCA peel will give about 85-90% of the result of the laser at about 20% of the cost. It’s a great option, but when you want a red carpet result…go laser. AD’s Awesome skin. DISAD’s: costs money, and 1 week down time.

There you go. If you want amazing skin, stop listening to infomercials about melons that don’t age. Stop listening to med spas. See a surgeon trained in facial rejuvenation for truly magical results.

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