How To Prepare For Lip Fillers

close up portrait of woman's lips

A lip filler procedure, also known as a lip augmentation procedure, is an easy way for an individual to add fullness and accentuate the shape of their lips. The process creates fuller, plumper lips while reducing fine wrinkles around the mouth area through the use of injectable fillers. Injectable solutions, referred to as dermal fillers, can contain collagen, Restylane®, Juvederm®, or fat injections, which last around six months. At Athré Facial Plastics, Dr. Athré uses SoftSil™ silastic lip implants, which are natural and permanent. 

If you decide to take the plunge for fuller, more luscious lips and schedule yourself a lip filler appointment, you should be prepared. Here’s what to know before your procedure.

Have Realistic Expectations

Decide how plump you’ll want your lips, and bring in photos to your consultation. Don’t expect that your lips will look like that photo of a celebrity, but it might help you explain what you’re looking for. A doctor will talk with you about what you can expect realistically, and what will look the best with your facial features and face shape. Dr. Athré is an expert at creating natural-looking results that make a world of difference.

Skip the Aspirin

Refrain from taking medications such as aspirin, Ibuprofen, Motrin, Aleve, or multivitamins about a week before your procedure. These types of pills are blood-thinners and can interfere with the procedure, causing excess bruising, and extending your healing time.

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How Much Will Lip Augmentation Cost?

Depending on your desired results, a lip augmentation procedure can cost anywhere from $600 to $3,000. Because you’re spending money on a procedure that alters the appearance of your face, you don’t want to be a budget-shopper. Athré Facial Plastics provides the highest quality care and services and are happy to discuss payment options with you during your initial consultation. 

How Long Will the Procedure Take?

Although lip augmentation isn’t as involved as other procedures, you should still plan ahead for how much time you’ll spend at the clinic or in the office. Luckily, lip fillers take only about 20 minutes per lip, and you won’t need someone to drive you home after, since you won’t be “put under” — just the area will be under local anesthesia.

What Will Recovery Look Like?

Expect your lips and the area around your mouth to stay numb for several hours after your procedure, and swelling will go down after two or three days. You can return to your normal day-to-day life almost immediately — with plumper, more luscious, and natural-looking lips!

Do you have any more questions about how to prepare and what to expect during a lip filler procedure? Contact Athré Facial Plastics today and set up a consultation.