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Products for a Great Male Skin Care Routine

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Did you know that men’s skin is oilier than women’s skin? It’s a fact, and this means dirtier, shinier-looking faces, and more of a need for proper skin care morning, noon, and night. So men, put down the body soap, because we’re talking about deep cleansing. After deeply cleansing and moisturizing your skin, your face will not only look better and feel healthier, but you can start the day with a new confidence in your rejuvenated appearance.

Here are your basic products for a great male skin care routine.

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Natural Cleanser and No Body Soap

When choosing a cleansing product, you should try to purchase natural and organic products, or those based off of natural ingredients. Try to avoid chemical-based cleansers for your healthiest skin. As for the aforementioned body soaps: body soaps are deodorant soaps and shouldn’t be used on your face. They contain ingredients that are not meant for the sensitive skin on the face, and they could irritate and clog your pores.

Recommended products:

Gentle Facial Scrub

For deep cleansing you might also need a facial scrub. A scrub will gently exfoliate to get rid of dead cells and grime on the top layers of the skin, and will smooth and soften the surface. Be careful not to use a scrub that will damage your skin because it’s too strong — look for a gentle facial scrub instead. If you find your skin is more irritated after using your scrub, change it to one with gentler ingredients immediately.

Recommended products:

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Moisturizer and Sunscreen

Once your skin is all clean, you’ll need to remember to moisturize it to help it keep its healthy glow. If you shave, do so before applying your moisturizer, and don’t forget to also apply it on your neck. 

The type of moisturizer your face needs depends on your skin type, so get to know your skin well and try out a few products before settling on your daily moisturizer. Ingredients such as vitamin E and aloe vera are great at intensive moisturizing. 

Consider adding sunscreen to your daily routine as well! UV rays can seriously damage your skin, causing dryness, wrinkles, and irritation. You can sometimes find moisturizers that have SPF included in them, which is your best (and easiest) option.

Recommended products:


If you want to treat your skin to the “Bentley-style” treatment plan, use a Vitamin C serum to even out the complexion, and increase collagen growth.  Vitamin C has several benefits including: (a.) decreased hyperpigmentation, (b.) evening of skin tone, and (c.) increase of skin collagen.  Serums are best if used 1-2x per week.

Recommended products:

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