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Lips and Kylie Jenner

Did you know Kylie Jenner is sporting natural lips???

I was watching TV a few days ago, and apparently Kylie Jenner is having her lips (her claim to fame) removed. I had to chuckle to myself as I heard this. Finally, the news cast went on to say that she is rocking her natural look. I was an amazement. I won’t comment on what makes news in 2018, but this whole concept war truly comical to me.

Mind you, I completely understand that full lips are beautiful. Lips that are luscious and full have been a hallmark of beauty since ancient times. Ancient Indians added colored clays to their lips to highlight the sensuality and beauty of lips – ANCIENT LIPSTICK. SO it is no foreign idea to me that young girls would want to spice up their lips.

The first patient that came to me requesting Kylie Jenner lips came to me about 3 years ago. She brought me a pic off the internet with some of the largest lips I have ever seen. She brought me also a pic of a girl who had used a suction apparatus to enlarge her lips. Initially I thought this was a passing trend. But, it really happened. More and more patients came asking for bigger, and bigger lips. This is the time my personal ideas and beauty ideals were tested.

It is quite normal for a patient’s beauty ethos to differ from mine. This is one of the reason’s that I start every consult with the question…” If you had a magic wand, what would you do?” I feel that it my responsibility to hear the patient and their dreams. It is important for me to give options to the patient with respect to norms of beauty. But it is also important to remember that beauty trends are evolving. A beautiful nose in 1980 is not the ideal, beautiful nose in today’s world. These are all things I personally consider and commit to my practice philosophy.

It was initially hard to give all of these patients what they asked for. The size of the lips that patients requested seemed to double and triple overnight. I remember using the words…”Natural, not too exaggerated….” But, in time, I adjusted my idea of attractive lips based on what the clients asked for.

When I first read about Kylie Jenner, I did smirk to myself. The trend seems to have come all the way back around to luscious but natural lips. You can teach an old dog new tricks, but old dogs also remember their old tricks. All of this further enhances my ideas that beauty evolves. It is not stagnant. BBL’s are in today. The ideal body shape may change tomorrow. Another reason why you should choose a surgeon that listens, comments, asks questions and makes you part of the conversation and the discussion!

Natural appearing, luscios lips that have been filled with Restylane

Lips can be made luscious and sexy without going overtly crazy. Check this out for a few options.

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