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Plastic Surgery Pictures

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Before rushing off to have plastic surgery, it is vital that you evaluate different surgeons to find the right choice for your treatment. The evaluation process is important, and you shouldn’t give it short shrift. Part of the evaluation process should be a review of pictures of patients the surgeon has worked on.

If a plastic surgeon does not have pictures of past patients, move on to the next one. Every plastic surgeon should have photographs highlighting their work, so red warning lights should go off if the one you are speaking with does not.

Assuming the plastic surgeon has them, you need to understand what you should be looking for in them. Most people use viewing incorrectly when evaluating the abilities of the surgeon.

When viewing the photographs, you should first look at the obvious. Does the patient have an improved appearance? This may sound odd, but you have to keep in mind an odd appearance may actually be what the patient was after. A particularly pointed nose or excessively large breasts may have been the original goal, so whether you like the changes is something you should apply nominal value to.

More importantly, you should look for photographs of the specific procedure you will undergo. Does the after picture present the appearance you are after? Again, your goals may be different from the previous patient, so discuss what you want with the surgeon while looking at pictures. The process is similar to getting your hair cut in a particular style. The surgeon needs as much information as possible, and pictures are a great way to explain what you like and don’t like.

When viewing the images, you should also focus on whether the results look natural. The best procedures produce results that blend with your natural body. When viewing the photographs, do you see this occurring consistently or do the changes stand out?

Plastic surgery on past patients is an important indicator when it comes to evaluating a plastic surgeon. Use them to get a feel for the plastic surgeon’s work as well as to convey what you are hoping to achieve.

Computer Imaging in Rhinoplasty Surgery

Computer imaging is one of the newest technologies in the field of facial plastic surgery. Dr. Athré utilizes computer imaging for most of his rhinoplasty cases. His Houston-area patients benefit from this technology because they gain a better sense of what the results could look like.

One of the things that are unique to Athré Facial Plastics is that Dr. Athré does all of his own computer imaging. At many other practices, computer imaging will be performed offsite or even by nurses or other ancillary personnel. Each of these variables is an essential element to consider when formulating a surgical plan.

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