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Price of a Rhinoplasty

Photo Credit: By rawpixel on Pixabay. CC0 License

Cost of a Rhinoplasty – Patient Questions

One of the most common questions I see on message boards like RealSelf is: “How much does a rhinoplasty costs?”  Quite frankly, what the cost of any surgery is one of the most common questions posted on message boards.  A few days ago, I had to respond to one of my internet requests for information. 

This normally, is a job that Martina does.  Anyways, I started talking to the prospective client and one of the first questions the patient asked for is a ballpark estimate for a rhinoplasty.  Please keep in mind, this is a patient I have not seen, nor examined.  I progressed to tell her an approximate price and the client stated that another doctor had quoted her a lower price, and that she was looking for the cheapest rhinoplasty with a good doctor.

Average Price Of Rhinoplasty

I thought about this last statement.  The first thing I did was look online and see what the price of a rhinoplasty in Houston was.  The websites basically gave a range of $4500-$10,000 with an average of around $7000.  I had quoted the woman around $7500 for her rhinoplasty inclusive of anesthesia, etc.  I thought that my prices were always around the average price point, so I gave this a bit more thought.  The energy of that mental discussion resulted in a “What I wish I could tell my patients…” thought train.  I am going to use this blog article as a forum to tell the world my pricing strategy for a rhinoplasty. 

To the patient, one rhinoplasty is exactly like any other rhinoplasty unless they run into a complication.  Patients believe that all board-certified surgeons are EQUIVALENT, so if they received a quotation for $4500 and one for $7000, they think they are getting a better deal at $4500.  My question to patients is as follows:

1. Are all cars equivalent?  They all have 4 wheels…but is a Kia the same as a BMW?

2. Do all cars have the same reliability quotient? Consumer reports normally state that Hondas and Toyotas are more reliable than expensive luxury brands.

3. Are all mechanics equally skilled with their diagnosis ability?

Why is Dr. Athre Different

If the answer to all these questions is “No”, why would you believe that all surgeons are equivalent.  I believe I have a duty not to over charge and maintain my prices in the median range, but I am double board-certified, I have 4.7 stars from over 100 reviews on Realself, I have numerous scholarly articles, I have been elected as one of H Magazine’s Top Docs for several years and on and on.  More than that, I have done too numerous to count rhinoplasties with a negligible revision rate.  Am I the same as every other surgeon???

The egotistical answer to this question is “no”.  I hope the objective answer is the same.  Just as in the car examples above…I provide a luxury service, but do not overcharge; I provide a reliable result without overcharging; and I provide expert diagnosis without overcharging.  I admit that these statements may seem subjective, but in reality, this is verified by my rhinoplasty price being what the actual median price of a rhinoplasty in Houston is based on independent consumers submitting their invoice amounts for rhinoplasty in Houston to Realself.

If I could say something to the world, it would be what my grandfather always said…”If it looks too good to be true,  it probably is.”

I promise this to my patients.  I might not be the cheapest rhinoplasty surgeon, but I will be the best.  I work harder to give you the best result.  And I hope after you have had surgery here, you will agree that it was the best experience you have had, and it was worth every penny.



Dr. Athré is one of the few cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in Houston who is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, certified in Otolaryngology, Head/Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic Surgery.

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