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If you’re choosing to add a PRP treatment to your microneedling or other facial resurfacing treatment, you’re in for a treat. PRP, which stands for platelet-rich-plasma, contains rejuvenating growth factors that encourage the production of collagen, and speeds up recovery. This means you’re basically getting natural fillers, eliminating wrinkles and lines, and giving your face a youthful replenishing treatment with your own organic resources. 

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What Is a PRP Procedure?

To begin the procedure, blood is drawn from your arm and then spun through a centrifuge, which separates the elements. The platelets, serum, and plasma are then re-injected into your skin, leaving you with a bright, smooth, and youthful complexion. You can even use PRP for hair loss treatment, since the growth factors stimulate the hair follicles.

The process of a PRP treatment with microneedling is minimally invasive, and the recovery is simple. Be gentle with skin and avoid exfoliants and harsh chemicals until you’re completely healed. Here are a few skin care items to focus on during your PRP-treatment recovery.

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Post-Treatment Creams and Serums

Since your skin just went through trauma (dozens of tiny pinpricks), you need to be extra tender and careful with it as it heals. Soothing creams and serums that are specialized for post-treatment and recovery are great for this period of time. Look for products with vitamin E, antioxidants, micronutrients, and hydrating properties.

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Gentle Cleansers

After a PRP treatment, avoid harsh cleansers and exfoliants that work overtime to clean your skin. Your aesthetician just deeply cleansed your face, so focus more on calming irritation and gently cleansing instead. Look for products especially for sensitive skin during this healing period.

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Your skin might be suffering from extra dryness and irritation after any skin resurfacing procedure like PRP with microneedling. This means it’s important to keep your face moisturized during the healing process until it settles down. Look for moisturizers with vitamin E and cooling properties.

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Sun Protection

As always, you want to protect your skin from the sun using SPF. Nothing causes wrinkles quicker than unprotected sun exposure, especially once your skin is vulnerable straight after a treatment. Ensure any SPF you put on is specifically for the face.

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