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Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping – Is It Worth It?

Would you like to know is the rhinoplasty worth it?

Most experts believe that our obsession with nose reshaping stems from history. Who can forget the Greek Gods with their aquiline shapely noses thrust in the air? However, per Rhinoplasty Houston expert Dr. Ragú Athré, our interest in Rhinoplasty is mainly due to our interest in finely chiseled features.

So whether it is chin implants, or body contouring, or even breast enlargement Houston customers mainly clamor for a sleek and sharp look. This fits in nicely with our preconceived notion of a slim body being sought after.

So is the future bright for Plastic Surgeons?

It depends, in our opinion. While modern science has near perfected the art of plastic surgery, there is still an ethical dilemma for some. Should we accept what is natural and suffer, or help improve ourselves through cosmetic surgery? Houston’s Plastic Surgery patients in general,  feel are happy with their choices.

On the other hand, some among Houston’s tummy tuck and Liposuction Houston’s patients does mention that it may be construed to provide the easy way out to many overweight people who don’t watch their diets. This is often not true as many people can do little to prevent being overweight, it is in their genes. However, although less in Houston Cosmetic Surgeons are forever fighting the battle to make the plastic surgery procedures mainstream.


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Dr. Athré is one of the few cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in Houston who is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, certified in Otolaryngology, Head/Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic Surgery.

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