The RT Mini Facelift with Dr. Athré

Close up portrait of woman's face.

If you’re noticing the signs of aging starting to creep up but don’t feel like you’re ready for a full facelift, Dr. Athré has the perfect solution for you: the RT mini facelift. This specialized approach to facial rejuvenation developed by Dr. Raghu Athré addresses many of the areas that are commonly troubling men and women and can have just as great of an impact as a full facelift lift!

What Does the Mini RT Facelift Do?

While the RT mini facelift might sound like a small procedure, it packs a big punch. That’s because it still targets all of the same areas that the full facelift does, but it specially designed for those individuals who need a little refresher procedure to beat back the emerging signs of aging.

The mini lift highlights the jawline, accentuates the neckline, smooths out smile lines (nasolabial folds), and it has a lifting effect in the cheek and midface areas.

What is the Mini RT Facelift Procedure?

Just as the name suggests, the RT mini facelift is a less-intensive procedure. This surgery requires a  smaller incision that starts in the hair just above the ear. Don’t worry, though, no hair will need to be shaved and the incision will be strategically placed throughout the natural creases and crevices in and around the ears. This small incision also means that there won’t be any visible evidence that any “work” has been performed.

The procedure usually takes only two to two and a half hours to complete, whereas the full facelift can take almost twice as long. Depending on your preference, Dr. Athré performs the RT mini facelift under general anesthesia or sedation.

How Long Does it Take to Recover From an RT Mini Facelift?

Another benefit of this less invasive procedure is a shorter recovery period. Of course, individual experiences may vary, but most RT mini lift patients are up and about within a day of surgery. Most of Dr. Athré’s patients are usually off pain medications within a couple of days and report very little pain or discomfort during the healing process. This is because there isn’t the same level of inflammation and bruising as a full facelift procedure.

Many individuals are back to work within four to five days after surgery. And the scarring? Over time, the shorter incisions heal well and fade more quickly. So much so, that RT mini facelift patients feel comfortable and confident wearing short hairstyles or a ponytail without worrying about noticeable scarring.

How Much Do RT Mini Facelift Cost?

Then, of course, is the cost. A full facelift typically falls into the $8,000 to $12,000 range. On the other hand, the RT mini facelift starts at just $6,000 and can address only the facial areas that you need revitalized and nothing you don’t.

Is an RT Mini Facelift Right For Me?

The only way to truly know which approach is right for you is to schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Athré. During this one-on-one session, he will carefully assess your unique facial anatomy and design a specific approach based on your needs and goals. That may mean a mini facelift, a neck lift, a full facelift, or injectable facial fillers. Fillers are also a great way to prolong the results of your full or mini facelift for years to come.

The RT Mini Facelift at Athré Facial Plastics

Dr. Athré understands that there shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach to facial rejuvenation with a facelift. If you’re in the Houston, Woodlands, Katy, Bellaire, West University, River Oaks, and Tanglewood areas and would like to learn more about this procedure, please contact our office at (281) 557-3223, or click the button below to request a free consultation.