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Facial scars can be a source of insecurity for those who yearn for younger-looking skin. A scarred face can negatively impact our self-confidence — just talk to anyone affected by acne scars and you’ll realize this. But can you successfully

Did you know that men’s skin is oilier, and 25% thicker than women’s skin? This means the potential for more clogged pores and dirtier faces. Men should be taking proper care of their skin by cleansing it every morning and

Photo Credit: Photo by Jessica Felicio on Unsplash. License.   Many of us have issues with oily skin. Why some skin is oilier than others is a big mystery, but dealing with it doesn’t have to be.  Oily skin attracts more dirt and is

Photo Credit: On Pixabay. CC0 license. It seems that we meet and greet wrinkles just about the same time that we outgrow acne. Mother Nature apparently has a mean streak! Skin Starts to Lose the Ability to Retain Water The "bloom of youth"