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Athré Med Spa ~ Philosophy

Athré Med Spa – Inspirations and Mantra

Athré Med Spa is the result of my passion to rediscover youth and beauty. As a surgeon, I am asked to make my patients look younger, look healthier, and look refreshed.

Beauty and youth exist within each of us; it merely needs to be released. ​ Rejuvenation is an ongoing system where surgery is one arm of the pendulum in achieving this result. However, the other arm of this pendulum is on-going maintenance skincare and treatments. My philosophy has always been: Natural, pharmaceutical grade, non-animal-tested products that provide results that are real, tangible, and proven. I adhere to very strict standards for the products and services offered because I believe that my patients deserve the very best. This is the mantra for our Athré Med Spa 

Why Athré Med Spa?
Athré Med Spa is a unique med spa like no other. Athré Med Spa offers a full host of non-invasive procedures including fillers, Botox and Dysport, micro-needling, PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), and services such as facials and noninvasive facial and body contouring. Unlike other med spas, every procedure at Athré Med Spa is either performed by or is directly overseen by a double-board certified facial plastic surgeon. Every filler and BOTOX injection is performed by Dr. Athré, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon who has been voted one of Houston’s Top docs for 6 consecutive years.

“My passion has always been to help my patients look at their absolute best and provide results that are long-term. As I surgeon, I want therapies that are effective, safe, and long-lasting. Even as new plastic surgery procedures arise, I feel that it is important to judge these new procedures and techniques against time-tested techniques. Yet, not every patient needs surgery, and there are some issues that surgery cannot correct. What then?

Athré Med Spa embodies my energies and passions to truly deliver clinical results in the non-invasive category as a standalone or as an adjunct to my surgical procedures.”



Dr. Athré is one of the few cosmetic and reconstructive surgeons in Houston who is a double board-certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, certified in Otolaryngology, Head/Neck Surgery, and Facial Plastic Surgery.

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