The Benefits of Dermaplaning

woman with clear skin looking into the camera

Dermaplaning, an exfoliation procedure that has an aesthetician gently use a blade to remove vellus hair (aka “peach fuzz”) and scrape away dead skin cells, is a spa service rapidly growing in popularity. This noninvasive skin care treatment leaves patients with glowing, youthful-looking skin. 

Let’s go over some of the benefits of dermaplaning.

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Removal of Unwanted Hair

Since dermaplaning carefully removes the first layer of skin with a medical-grade surgical blade, it also removes the light, fine, “fuzzy” hairs that you may find on the surface of your face, leaving your skin smooth and youthful. Note that dermaplaning is not used to shape or remove eyebrow, beard, or mustache hair, as those hairs are much thicker.

Removal of Dead Skin, Dirt, and Oil

The light, feathery touches of the blade during a dermaplaning treatment removes dead skin cells, dirt, and oil. The removal of this debris allows the skin to spark new cell growth, and leaves you with unclogged pores, smooth skin, and a more youthful and even tone.

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Dermaplaning may sound a little intimidating, but this procedure is one of the most non-invasive skin care treatments around. Your aesthetician uses light, feathery movements while holding the sterile, surgical blade at a 45 degree angle in order to ensure the impossibility of cuts or scrapes on the face. The result is a comfortable, virtually pain-free session while your skin remains non-traumatized.

No Chemicals Are Used

Since no chemicals are used in this exfoliation procedure, dermaplaning is great for patients who have sensitivities to certain skin care products, pregnant women, or anyone else who for some reason cannot comfortably partake in other exfoliation treatments.

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Makeup Will Look Better

After your dermaplaning session, your skin will be clean, smooth, and soft. Because it removes dead skin cells, oils, dirt, and other debris, as well as vellus facial hair, your skin essentially becomes a perfectly smooth canvas for your cosmetic routine. Makeup will go on with a more even tone and look better than ever.

Athré Facial Plastics not only offers the best facial surgery techniques in the Houston, Texas area—we specialize in several high-grade spa and skin care services. If you’re interested in learning more about dermaplaning, or would like to set up a consultation with one of our expert aestheticians, contact us today. Let your inner beauty shine through with Athré Facial Plastics.