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What is a perfect nose?

What is a Perfect Nose?

As Houston plastic surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty, I am frequently asked by my patients to give them a perfect nose. Well, they’re not one perfect nose that can work for everyone. When looking at pictures of models or celebrities who are considered to have beautiful noses, one can clearly see they all have different noses. It is not necessarily a certain size or shape of the nose that makes it beautiful but rather how well the nose fits with the rest of the face.

However, there are general characteristics of a male and female know that people find attractive. For example, in most women raised tips with a gently (concave) curve of the dorsum results in a feminine and natural appearing nose.

The dorsum is the top edge of the nose. Visit my our rhinoplasty before and after section to view such pictures. During nose surgery (rhinoplasty), the hump on the dorsum is gently shaved until a natural appearing curve is achieved. The next step in rhinoplasty is to raise the tip. In women, the tip is raised such that the angle between the bottom portion of the nose and upper lip is about 95-100 degrees.

The goals for rhinoplasty in men are slightly different than those in women. In most men, a straight (not curved) dorsum is more appropriate. The tip is typically raised less maintaining the angle between the bottom of the nose and upper lip of about 90 degrees. Some men, however, will prefer to have a gentle curve and the tip raised higher. So it is important for any rhinoplasty surgeon, to spend enough time with the patient discussing his or her goal of nose surgery, as well as likely outcomes and limitations. In my practice, I meet with patients at least twice before the day of surgery to have these discussions. More information about rhinoplasty and before and after photographs of nose reshaping surgery can be found on our website.

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