What Kind of Facial Should I Get? Navigating Different Types of Facials

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You might ask yourself, “In a world full of seemingly endless different types of facials, what kind of facial should I get?” 

If you’re curious about what kind of facial is best for you, you need to think about a few main factors: your skin type, your skin’s current condition and your skin goals. The most effective facial for you will be one that addresses your concerns and considers how your skin is now. 

Talk to your aesthetician about your goals beforehand. Are you looking for a facial that will combat fine lines and wrinkles? Refresh and hydrate dry, dull skin? Soothe your angry, acne-prone complexion?

Many aestheticians can even tailor-make a facial for your specific requirements if you ask. The key is to communicate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions!.

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Different Types of Facials

Read on to learn more about some of the different types of facials.

Classic Facial

Out of all the different types of facials, the classic facial is a great go-to treatment. A classic facial can be one for all skin types and goals. 

Your aesthetician will analyze, cleanse, and exfoliate your skin. The exfoliation can be in the form of an exfoliating acid, enzyme peel or microdermabrasion. Then, they’ll steam and massage your skin, perform any manual extractions and choose the best mask for your skin’s particular needs.

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LED Facial

LED facials use low-light therapy to heal scars, reduce inflammation, promote collagen production and fight bacteria. Some LED light therapy treatments can also boost elasticity and plump the skin, as well as minimize bacteria that cause blemishes in acne-prone skin. Typically, aestheticians use LED facials alongside other treatments.

You’ll usually receive LED light therapy as a 20-minute session, then undergo it once weekly for 7 to 10 weeks. After the initial series, you need a series of two to three sessions to maintain the results every three months.


Hydrafacials combine exfoliation and hydration to replenish dull, dry skin. These facials use microdermabrasion tools to extract dirt and excess sebum from your pores and infuse them with nutrient-rich serum to achieve a healthy glow. This noninvasive facial is great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Sculpting Facial

What kind of facial is best for aging skin? The answer just might be a sculpting facial.

This type of facial tightens and sculpts the face. If you want to prevent sagging, an aesthetician can use microcurrent devices or vibration therapy tools to evenly disperse deeper treatment during a sculpting facial.

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Lymphatic Facial

Lymphatic facials can aid your body’s natural detoxification processes. Your aesthetician will use their hands or sometimes tools like a gua sha or cupping instrument to stimulate lymph flow and help alleviate puffiness, dryness, dullness and sensitivity.

Acne Facial

What kind of facial is best for acne?

Well, if you’re struggling with breakouts, you can always opt for an acne facial. Facials focused on treating breakouts will deep-clean and decongest the skin to loosen clogged pores and kill bacteria. Remember — don’t schedule a facial if you’re currently dealing with inflamed, open sores or breakouts.

PRP Facials, aka “Vampire Facials”

Platelet-rich-plasma (PRP) facials, also called “vampire facials,” use your own platelet-rich plasma to promote healthy cellular activity and collagen growth. PRP facials are usually an add-on to microdermabrasion or microneedling.

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What Kind of Facial Is Safe During Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, avoid electric stimulation during facials, deep cleanings and fillers. Safe facial options include steam facials, LED therapy, hydrafacials, extractions and fruit acid peels.

How Often Should You Get a Facial?

With so many different types of facials, you now have answers to the question, “What kind of facial should I get?”

So, how often should you schedule your treatment?

Experts recommend scheduling a facial once monthly because your skin regenerates about every 28 days. If you get more than one a month, you could be at risk for overwhelming your skin, and your desired results could actually backfire. 

Is your schedule (or finances) preventing you from getting a monthly treatment? If so, try to get a facial every time the seasons change instead. Work with your aesthetician to figure out the best schedule for your particular skin concerns and to curate a great home skin care routine.

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