What Makes a Balanced Facial Profile?

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When it comes to cosmetic surgery, many are looking to fix a feature they don’t like, such as a bump on the nose or smaller breasts, or they are looking to turn back the clock for a more youthful appearance. However, some choose cosmetic surgery for an entirely different reason. When it comes to facial appearances, many strive for what is considered a balanced facial structure. Understanding what facial balancing is and the cosmetic treatments that are available can help you achieve the balanced appearance you desire. 

What Features Affect Facial Balancing?

Facial balancing is all about achieving the right ratio between your facial features. Ideally, a balanced face is divided into three segments: the forehead, the nose and the chin. When facial balance is achieved, each one of these sections makes up a third of the profile from the front. In addition, there should also be a balance from the side view, with all these features aligned nicely. For example, if your chin sits further back from your face, bringing it more forward with a chin augmentation can provide better balance. 

Treatment Options to Help Achieve Balance

There are many different procedures designed to help create facial balance, ranging from cosmetic surgery to dermal fillers. The most common procedures include:

  • Rhinoplasty: As the centerpiece to your face, the appearance of your nose plays a major role in facial balance. Rhinoplasty can help eliminate bumps, straighten a crooked nose or create smaller nostrils, giving your nose not only the appearance you want, but also creating a better balance to the rest of your facial features
  • Chin augmentation: When a chin sits back or is recessed, it can throw off your facial balance. A chin augmentation delivers a more prominent chin that better matches your other features. 
  • Cheek or jaw implants: In addition to chin augmentation, implants can also be used to enhance your cheeks or jaw line to deliver a more balanced appearance. 
  • Dermal fillers: If you aren’t quite ready to have an invasive surgery, dermal fillers offer a non-invasive way to achieve facial balancing. From cheeks to lips to chin and jawline, fillers can add volume while also helping to turn back the clock and deliver a more youthful appearance at the same time.

At Athre Facial Plastics, we specialize in facial procedures and our team understands facial anatomy and how to create an individualized plan that will deliver the facial balance you are hoping to achieve. Take the first step towards a more balanced appearance and schedule your consultation by calling 281-557-3223 today.