What to Know About Oily Skin

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Many of us struggle with oily skin — but dealing with this common skin type doesn’t have to be a major problem. Oily skin tends to attract more dirt, and it’s more prone to acne than dry or combination skin. This skin type also tends to have a high shine that can cause issues when applying cosmetics. 

So, how do we eliminate these issues and manage oily skin with ease? Read on to discover why some people’s skin produces excess oil, the symptoms of oily skin, how to keep it under control and some surprising benefits.

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Why Does Skin Produce Oil?

Our skin produces sebum (oil) that’s mostly made up of lipids. This sebum protects us from microbial infections and keeps our skin moist. Along with sebum, our skin produces sweat and sheds dead skin cells. 

All these factors combine to form a layer on the skin. People who produce more sebum than others may notice an oilier complexion. Interestingly, hormones and the climate are two main causes of oily complexions.


Hormones are the main cause for sebum activation. Some of us are simply genetically prone to produce more oil than others. Overproduction of the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT) can trigger an excess of sebum production in the skin, which can then enlarge pores and cause breakouts.


The climate you’re in can also trigger an oily face. For example, sultry summer months with a lot of heat and humidity may increase oil production.

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Symptoms of Oily Skin

Are you unsure whether you have an oily complexion? Are you experiencing any of these oily skin symptoms?:

  • Your skin is greasy to the touch.
  • Your facial skin is prone to breakouts.
  • You have enlarged and visible pores.
  • There’s excess shine on your cheeks, nose and forehead.
  • When you apply makeup, you have trouble keeping it on. 

If you are, you most likely have oily skin.

How to Manage Oily Skin With Products

The most common and successful way to manage oily skin is to use oil-free skin care products. 

You should also wash your face with a gentle cleanser twice daily — once in the morning and once in the evening. While perusing skin care products, you can find cleansers that target and treat oily skin.

Oil-absorbing blotting papers and powder cosmetics can tone down the shine of an overly oily face and help control oil production. Using gentle astringents and toners can also remove excess oil from the face.

If you have oily skin, here are some of our favorite products for treating it:

Luckily, those of us with oily skin may actually end up with fewer visible wrinkles and fine lines than our dry-skinned friends, so keep that in mind! (There’s always a silver lining.)

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