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Which Form of Vitamin C Protects Skin Cells?

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Vitamin C is necessary for producing collagen. Collagen is a strong connective cloth, which literally retains us in our entire form. Without collagen, we would go to pieces, since this protein keeps the bones together, fastens muscles to the bones, and keeps our organs in place.

The efficacy of vitamin C for treating inflammation such as psoriasis or sunburns depends on its solubility. Whether vitamin C is dissolved in water or in fat determines which part of the cell it can penetrate and protect. Between natural vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid) and the ether form of vitamin C (palm acid), the ether form is best at protecting skin cells. Here’s why.

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Natural Form of Vitamin C

The natural form of vitamin C is L-ascorbic acid, which is dissolved in water. Therefore, although L-ascorbic acid is concentrated inside the cell, it cannot necessarily protect itself from free radicals. L-ascorbic acid also possesses strong acidic properties, and can sufficiently irritate the skin before rapidly decomposing and losing efficacy after 24 hours.

Ether Form of Vitamin C 

The ether form of vitamin C is a derivative of L-ascorbic acid with the fatty acid, isolated from palm tree oil. This is also called palm acid. The ideal medicine can be created from the ether form if you add a small quantity of palm oil to the molecule of vitamin C. In this particular case, ether won’t irritate the skin and can even be applied directly to an open wound. 

The ether form of vitamin C is capable of being dissolved into the fat, and is easily absorbed by the skin. The membrane of cellular plasma itself consists predominantly of fat. As a result, the ether form of vitamin C can strongly protect the skin cells against free radicals.

It is possible to add the ether form of vitamin C to creams and lotions, since it will preserve its acting ability for months or even years, and maintain its antioxidant effect.

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