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Which Form of Vitamin C Protects Skin Cells?

Photo Credit: On Pexels. CC0 License

Vitamin C is necessary for producing collagen. Collagen can be seen as a strong connecting cloth, which literally retains us in our entire form. Without collagen we would go to pieces, since this protein keeps the skeleton bones together, fastens muscles to the bones, and does not give any opportunity for the internal organs or skin to leave their place.

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Is Vitamin C Effective at Alleviating Inflammation?

One common question is this: Can vitamin C help alleviate inflammation due to psoriasis or sunburns?

Short answer is: yes. A longer answer is yes, depending on the vitamin’s solubility. 

Whether the vitamin C’s solubility is dissolved in water or in fat determines which part of the cell it can penetrate, and as a result, which part of the cell it can protect.

Natural Form of Vitamin C

The natural form of vitamin C, L-ascorbic acid, is dissolved in water. Therefore, although L-ascorbic acid is concentrated inside the cell, it cannot protect its shell from free radicals. This form of vitamin C also possesses strong acidic properties that sufficiently irritates the skin before it decomposes after 24 hours.

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Ether Form of Vitamin C

The ether form of vitamin C is the derivative from L-ascorbic acid with fatty acid, isolated from palm tree oil. This form is also called “palm acid.” Ideal medicine for the skin will form after adding a small quantity of palm oil to vitamin C molecules. In this particular case, ether won’t irritate the skin, and it is even safe to apply that kind of vitamin C to an open cut in the skin, since it is easily absorbed.

Thus the ether form of vitamin C is capable of penetrating the thin membrane surrounding inflamed cells and can strongly protect against free radicals in the part of the cell where they can cause the greatest harm.

Stability is another advantage of the ether form of vitamin C. This is why it is possible to add this form to creams and lotions, since it will preserve the ability to act for months, and even years, before spoiling or losing its antioxidant effect.

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