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Why You Should Be Spray Tanning This Summer

May 28, 2019|Ruby Vazquez

Tanning is the hottest new accessory to look good. But relying on the natural method i.e. baking in sun to get the tan is not safe as it exposes your body to harmful rays coming from the sun which could cause cancer.

This is where spray tanning comes into the picture. As a safe option to sunlight, spray tanning could eventually give you the skin tone you are looking for without getting exposed to the sunlight.

Here is a look at some of the reasons that make spray tanning a better option for you as compared to any other option –

1. It’s quick and easy

One of the first reasons that make spray tanning a great option for anyone looking to get a darker skin tone lies in the fact that it is quick, convenient and easy.

All you have to do is find the right tanning salon to get the treatment, visit the scheduled place on the date of appointment and get the technician to spray the mist on your body.

2. You can adjust the tan at Yuva Med Spa

Another great thing about spray tanning is that you can choose the shade of tan for your body. You can ask the technician which shade whether it be Light, Medium, or Dark.

As compared to sun tanning this is more controlled option. By choosing the frequency of tanning you can eventually choose how dark you would like to look. Hence you can look just the way you want to without any trouble.

3. It’s safe

As already stated tanning in the sun could expose your body to the harmful rays coming from the sun and increase the chances of skin cancer.

Spray tanning happens in controlled environment and under the supervision of trained professionals hence the chances of cancer or any other health problem are minimized.

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