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Skincare, Wrinkle Reduction and Facelifts

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Wrinkle Reduction

Wouldn’t you love to have been able to stop the clock when you were about 25? Your skin was smooth and beautiful. There wasn’t a wrinkle in sight.

We all want to age (the alternative is death) — we just don’t want to look older. I think all of us would just love to hold on to that fresh, dewy complexion and those firm facial contours of our youth for the rest of our lives. But skin ages (wrinkles and sags) just like all of the other bodily organs.

Following good skin care practices — and most people today know what those good practices are — can help, but still time takes its toll. Our faces begin to wrinkle no matter how well we adhere to good skin care regimens.

Somewhere around the time we turn 40 we look in the mirror, see wrinkles and sags, and make the decision that a face lift is definitely needed. We make an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

The plastic surgeon examines each face to determine which of many possible face lift procedures will provide the best outcome. All of us refer to all facial plastic surgeries as “face lifts,” but in fact there are different kinds of face-lift procedures, and each type will produce different results.

The ideal face-lift patient has some signs of aging, but their skin still has some elasticity. These patients will have the most desirable outcomes from a face-lift surgery. That’s not to say that those with little elasticity can’t benefit from face-lift procedures.

A rhytidectomy is the technical term for a face lift. The surgeon will examine the skin as well as the underlying muscle and bone when he’s determining the type of face lift that will supply the best overall result.

Very often, other skin resurfacing procedures are used in conjunction with a face-lift procedure. Resurfacing can make the final result much better.

For example BTL Exilis Ultra Treatment system uses a combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound to tighten skin, grow new collagen, rearrange and tighten existing collagen bundles, and reduce subcutaneous fat. Some of the key areas where the BTL Exilis Ultra can be used include:

  • Forehead to tighten the skin and reduce forehead lines WITHOUT Botox®
  • Around the lower eyelids/cheeks for an instantaneous lower eyelid lift
  • In the midface to lift the cheek fat pad and perform an incision-less midfacelift
  • Along the jawline and the neck to give an instantaneous face/neck lift without downtime or incisions
  • In the decloitte to tighten skin and reduce the appearance of fine, crepe-like skin
  • In the arms to tighten loose skin of the upper arms
  • Along the abdomen, love handles, and in the back bra fat region to reduce fat and aesthetically contour these areas.

Tighten skin and achieve youthful facial contours without having to undergo surgery, schedule your appointment at Athré Facial Plastics (281) 557-3223.