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How Aging Causes Wrinkles

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It seems that we meet and greet wrinkles just about the same time that we outgrow acne. Mother Nature apparently has a mean streak!

Skin Starts to Lose the Ability to Retain Water

The “bloom of youth” is what you see on the faces of children. Their skin seems to glow, and I guess it really does glow. Children’s skin retains water. The ability of the skin to retain water reduces as we age.

Pimples and Acne Plague the Skin

By the time raging hormones of the teen years strike, we’re sometimes plagued by pimples or acne. Because of Retin A, this teenage plague has mostly been brought under control, at least for those who are financially able enough to be able to see a dermatologist and get a prescription for Retin A.

Our Skin Dries Out

Our youthful glow doesn’t disappear overnight. It fades slowly. It fades so slowly that it is hardly noticeable even from year to year. We often call the changes that take place in the skin between the ages of 20 and 30 as “maturing.” But it is in fact a lessening of the skin’s ability to retain water. The skin begins to dry. Dry skin wrinkles!

At about the age of 30, most people will begin to notice very fine lines around their eyes or their mouths. These aren’t deep wrinkles yet, but just tiny little surface lines.

Subcutaneous Layer Loses Fat Cells

As the years sneak by, the subcutaneous (the third layer of skin) begins to lose fat cells. The dermis (the second layer of skin) begins to lose elastin and collagen. The epidermis (the first or outer layer of the skin) becomes dryer and thinner.

Wrinkles develop. By the age of 40, those fine lines at age 30 have “matured” into full-fledged wrinkles.

Skin is Sun-Damaged and Loses Collagen

As time continues to go by, and the skin is exposed to sunlight again and again, and facial expressions are repeated again and again, the subcutaneous, dermis, and epidermis continue to lose fat cells, elastin, and collagen.

The wrinkles become deeper and more firmly etched into the skin. Athré Facial Aesthetics can help you create a personalized skin care plan! Just give us a call  281 557 3223.