Zoom Dysmorphia: Dr. Athré Interviewed by Houston’s KHOU 11 News

woman in front of open laptop looking frustrated

People are having to “face” their appearance more than ever with the increase of Zoom calls and other forms of video conferencing in the past year. Although video screens aren’t mirrors, and often show a slightly distorted image, opportunities for self-criticism are everywhere. 

The new term for this is “Zoom dysmorphia,” coined by Dr. Kourash of Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School.

Dr. Athré was recently featured on Houston’s KHOU 11 News to discuss Zoom dysmorphia and how it’s impacted the number of people signing up for plastic surgery.

If looking at your image on a video call day-after-day has caused you to seriously consider surgical (or non-surgical) facial rejuvenation, contact us today to discuss your goals and concerns with Athré Facial Plastics’ team of expert estheticians.