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Chin and Cheek Augmentation

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About Chin and Cheek Augmentation

The chin and the cheeks are the bony prominences that bring the entire face into proportion. Having a recessed chin can give the appearance of an unbalanced face, an overly-projected nose, or even a lack of definition in the neck area. A recessed cheek area can make the middle one-third of the face seem small and unbalanced. Bring volume back into these areas with chin and cheek augmentation, a quick and effective facial surgery procedure.

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Chin augmentation is the primary way to address loss of volume in the chin area. The procedure can be performed in the clinic, in the operating room, or in conjunction with other procedures. The initial consultation includes careful examination and measurement-taking to help determine which technique is the most suitable.

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Effects of Aging on the Chin and Cheek Areas

The chin is made up of skin, soft tissue, and bone. As aging occurs, the bone of the jaw slowly recedes, producing a smaller chin and causing small grooves to occur in front of the jowls. A mini facelift can help lift the jowls, but it may not address the small grooves in front of the cheeks. This groove is due to the loss of bone in the jaw that occurs with aging. In addition, aging or genetics can cause a small midface, making the cheek fat pad hang lower and contributing to premature aging.

Chin Enhancement Surgery Process

Chin augmentation is commonly done in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery to bring the face into aesthetic proportion. Chin augmentation is also done in conjunction with facelifts or the RT Mini Facelift to add volume to the chin, sharpen the neck angle, help eradicate the jowls, and erase the grooves that can sometimes form in front of the jowls.

Cheek augmentation can elevate the cheek fat pad and add volume to the cheek area. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia.

Cheek Augmentation Recovery and Results

The procedure normally takes 1 ½ hours, and patients can expect to see minimal bruising and swelling that should dissipate after about a week, when they can return to work and daily activities.

Chin Enhancement Recovery and Results

The procedure only takes approximately 30 minutes, and patients experience little downtime. Most patients who undergo chin enhancement surgery can return to work and daily activities within a week or so after surgery.


How much do chin and cheek augmentation procedures cost?

Chin and cheek augmentations starts at $3,000.

How long do chin and cheek augmentations take to heal?

Patients are usually back to work within a week or so after the chin and cheek augmentation procedure.

Are chin and cheek augmentations painful?

Chin and cheek augmentations take place under a local anesthesia with sedation or a general anesthesia, which prevents pain during the surgery. During recovery, you may feel slight discomfort and swelling around the area.

How long do chin and cheek augmentations last?

Most chin and cheek augmentations last permanently.

Do chin and cheek implants change your smile?

A chin or cheek implant will not typically change your smile.

Before & After Photos

Close up of patient's face before and after chin implant procedure.
Close up of patient's face before and after chin implant procedure.

Client Testimonial

“I had an ultrasonic rhinoplasty and chin implant done a little over 9 months ago. The process, the office and Dr. Athre were all awesome. I am thrilled with my results. I have a masculine nose, and my whole face seems proportional. I was skeptical about the chin. I am such a believer. My advice to anyone is to just listen to Dr. Athre’s rec’s. He is very knowledgeable and very frank.”

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