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Lip Lift

If you’re looking to achieve a perfect pout, this minimally invasive procedure can give you fuller, youthful-looking lips.


About Lip Lifts

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that modifies the appearance of the mouth by reshaping the lips, specifically the philtrum, otherwise known as the vermillion border (the top of your lip). Lip lifts decrease the amount of space between the top of your top lip and your nose by increasing the amount of visible pink tissue. Lip lifts can also be done on the bottom lips to achieve a plumper, fuller look. If you’re looking to add height rather than volume to your lips, then a lip lift is a good option for you.

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Lip Lift Procedure

A lip lift is a surgical procedure that is usually performed under local anesthesia in either the upper or lower lip. It can be performed along with other procedures as well.

In the upper lip, a lip lift can be performed via an external approach with an incision right below the nose. It can also be performed via an internal approach on the inside of the upper lip. Dr. Athré only uses an internal approach for a lower lip lift.

Internal incisions for lip lifts are excellent for adding volume to the central compartment of either the upper lip or the lower lip.

Whether it is the upper lip or the lower lip, a lip lift procedure takes approximately 1 hour. If both lips are being done, the procedure takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Lip Lift Recovery and Results

After a lip lift procedure, you can expect your lips to be swollen for one to two weeks. You also may experience a general tightness around your lips for two to three months. The surgical area might initially appear red and bruised, but the full results should be clear after six weeks.

To lessen swelling and discomfort, use ice packs and take anti-inflammatory pain medication such as aspirin or Ibuprofen.

Before & After Photos

Close up of patient's face before and after lip lift procedure.
Close up of patient's face before and after lip lift procedure.

Client Testimonial

“From consultation to post Op, Dr. Athre and the entire process has been great, including my results. I was incredibly nervous but Dr. Athre made me feel comfortable and I felt like he genuinely had my best interests in mind. He thoroughly explained what to expect, answered all my questions, and reassured me that I had nothing to fear. I’m super pleased with the results as they are exactly what he promised they would be.”

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