What to Know About Neocutis® for Smooth, Revitalized Skin

Although Neocutis®  is one of the new skin care lines being carried at Athré Facial Plastics, Neocutis® is not a new skin product, and is backed with a significant amount of scientific research. Following the adage of other products represented in the Athré Skin Care line, Neocutis® also creates results rather than simply covering up issues. I have said many times that skin care is as integral a part of plastic surgery as the surgical… Continue reading

Athre Facial Plastics Response to COVID-19

In response to recent developments related to the spread of COVID-19, Athre Facial Plastics would like to issue the following reminders and guidelines to provide safe and ongoing services for our patients. In this uncertain time, we are offering VIRTUAL consultations. Call us at 281.557.3223 to learn more! We are aware of the COVID-19 crisis. We are following all guidelines set forth by the Harris County Medical Society and CDC There are lots of rumors… Continue reading

What to Know About the Fraxel CO2 Laser

Merry Christmas to me! My newest acquisition is a CO2 Fraxel laser! Most of you are thinking that at this time, Dr. Athre, a CO2 Fraxel is not new — and you’re absolutely right. However, some of the uses of the CO2 laser are definitely new. As many of you know, lasers are basically machines that emit light. The light is concentrated and depending on the type of laser (e.g. CO2, Erbium, Alexandrite, etc.), it… Continue reading


What I find my patients seem to ask all the time is, what is Micro-needling really? Well, the easiest way to put it micro needling is performed using brand-name tools such as what we use at (AFA YuvaMedspa) Skin Pen, micro needling (without the PRP) is a minimally invasive treatment that involves puncturing the skin with fine needles to promote collagen production! Microneedling is not just exclusive to the face. The procedure can be performed… Continue reading

Tomato: Very Useful For Skin Care

Tomato is an important vegetable that has many health benefits due to the presence of anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants give tomato the radiant red color. The calorie content in tomato is very less making it a favorite among many people. It also contains fiber, vitamin C, E, K, B1, B6, B3, B2, iron, manganese, potassium as well as carotenes and many more to help you in every manner. Tomato Skin Care Recipes Tomatoes are of great… Continue reading