In your 20s? The 10 Best Ways To Prevent Wrinkles—Starting NOW

Close up portrait of woman's face.

Now more than ever, people are trying to get a jump start on preventing wrinkles at an earlier age. By practicing good lifestyle and skin care habits now, you’ll get a big payoff in years to come with beautiful, glowing skin that shows fewer lines, wrinkles and brown spots.

Start a Healthy Skin Care Regimen

Along with all our Yuva Med Spa products, Dr. Athre can consult with a patient on the grade of retinol or hydrocodone that is needed for your specific skin type.

Don’t Over-Dry Your Skin

Your skin cells are like fish and need water to live, so you don’t want to be putting the skin in an unhealthy state by using harsh products. Dry, damaged skin is more prone to developing early signs of visible aging, so your approach to treating adult breakouts needs to be different than the strategy you would’ve used as a teenager. If you’re still getting breakouts, there are gentle ways to keep your skin clear that won’t cause damage to your protective barrier.

Know Your Skin Type and Use the Best Products For That Skin Type

For most people, your skin acts way different now than when you were younger. It’s important to keep evolving your skin routine as your skin changes in order to get the desired results. If you’re still thinking you need to put your skin into the standard dry, normal and oily skin types, it’s time that you think about your skin in a new way.

Sleep Mindfully

It’s thought that after sun exposure, the second cause of wrinkles is from sleep. Specifically, the position of your face on your pillow at night can make a difference. As an esthetician, I can tell by looking at some faces (more so after the age of 45) if they are a side or back sleeper.

Protect Yourself from Sun

How to help wrinkles not come on as quickly? Sunscreen, when applied generously during your morning skin care routine and then reapplied as needed, is the MOST effective way to prevent wrinkles. Daylight and sunlight (even when coming through windows) are causing a considerable amount of DNA damage to your skin without you even realizing it.

Don’t Forget Your Neck

To my younger readers: thanks to research and greater awareness of what causes skin aging, you have access to a lot more knowledge about how to prevent wrinkles than your mother did. Embrace it! That being said, you face a challenge your mother probably didn’t face.

Take Care of the Skin Around Your Eyes

Did you know that the eye area is the first area to age due to wear and tear from smiling, squinting and rubbing? Keeping it hydrated and nourished is essential for preventing premature lines and wrinkles. It’s important to know that eye creams don’t need to be heavy and greasy to work. In fact, the heavier they are, the more they could actually be causing wrinkles.

Use Products with Retinol or a Prescription Retinoid

Hands down the most tried and true, the biologically-proven topical anti-aging ingredient is Vitamin A, also known as retinoid or retinol. As mentioned above, consider yourself lucky if you have been using it since your teens or 20s for acne. However, if you’ve never used a Vitamin A product before, you should really start using a non-prescription retinol product.

Use a Botox-free Alternative to Reduce Wrinkles Around Your Brow

I get asked all the time by people in their 20s, “Do you think I should start getting Botox to prevent wrinkles? I’m starting to notice a crease. Is Botox safe?” I generally don’t think it’s a good idea for most people in their 20s to start getting Botox unless it’s needed!

Get Professional Skin Care Assistance

While using a good home-care routine designed for your specific skin type is essential, your skin will greatly benefit from additional care with professional treatments like facials, lasers, and chemical peels. These can all help prevent wrinkles. Not only are you getting a skin treatment that will target your wrinkle concerns, but you’ll also be getting guidance from an expert.