What is a Microneedling Treatment?

woman receiving microneedling treatment

Microneedling treatment has been all the rage since Kim Kardashian published her picture of the “Vampire Facelift.” Want to know what a microneedling treatment is? Before we start with what microneedling is, we must first understand a bit about skin physiology.

The Basics of Skin Physiology

Skin is made up of millions of pores. If you looked at a pore in section, you would see that the pore is lined with tiny cell. One function of these cells is to create new skin! Skin cells are always in a constant state of refreshing themselves. However, they can be triggered to work faster and increase their turnover!

Microneedling Treatment Basics

Microneedling utilizes the SkinPen® (the first FDA approved microneedling device) to make microscopic holes in the surface of the skin. You can think of the SkinPen kind of like a lawn aerator. The tiny holes that are created in the skin surface are creating a “controlled injury” in the skin. This controlled injury triggers the skin cells to speed up their turnover! ¡Voila! New skin.

Other Benefits of Getting a Microneedling Treatment

Exactly like aerating your lawn, microneedling creates small holes or channels in the skin surface. These channels stay open for approximately 12 hours after a microneedling session. These first few hours are critical if you would like to add a topical agent to the skin.

Topical agents such as Vitamin C and PRP can be applied topically at this time to achieve a better result. Vitamin C has collagen-building properties, and PRP has several proteins that helps with the regeneration of skin proteins.

These “add-ons” can be added just after the microneedling is done so that they have the maximum effect by being absorbed through the tiny channels that the SkinPen created.

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What can Microneedling Treatment be used for?

  • Acne scars
  • Fine lines
  • Treatment after scar revision
  • Improve the texture of the skin
  • Melasma
  • A million other skin conditions!


Microneedling treatment is one of the safest skin procedures. It can be used on all skin types and with patients of all types of skin pigmentation from light to dark. The risk of having hyperpigmentation after a microneedling procedure is lower than all other forms of skin resurfacing.

Why Athré Facial Plastics?

All sorts of practitioners perform microneedling treatment. Many times it is relegated to aestheticians that have little to no training, and hence patients see little results. Microneedling treatment is adjustable from 0.5 mm depth all the way to 2.5 mm and deeper penetrations.

Results are definitely seen with these more aggressive treatments, but practitioners need to be trained and understand how the process works. Every microneedling procedure at Athré Facial Plastics is overseen by Dr. Raghu Athre, and our aesthetician who has been personally trained by Dr. Athré.

If you’re looking for an easy, non-invasive way to refresh your skin, contact us today to set up your microneedling appointment.