The Motivation for Plastic Surgery

womans face marked up by marker in prep for surgery

Plastic surgery has become increasingly popular over the years, with the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reporting over 17 million procedures as of 2018. The reasons for choosing to get cosmetic surgery are many, ranging from surgery meant to achieve an ideal aesthetic to reconstruction after an injury or defect. Here are some of the more common reasons individuals opt for plastic surgery.

Improve Your Self-Confidence

Before cosmetic surgery was widely accessible, people couldn’t choose to change the appearance they were born with, but for many people this meant living with aspects of their image that bothered them for years. Clients have regularly cited things such as bumps on the nose, flat buttocks, pockets of fat that no amount of exercise can change, small breasts, and so on as problems. In the past, these issues were often categorized as nothing more than vanity. Such perceived defects lead to problems with self-confidence, and confidence is a key to success in business and personal relationships.

Change Features You Cannot Change with Diet or Exercise

In many ways, people choose to get plastic surgery to boost their confidence in themselves. Regardless of what others think, not being confident in your appearance can be mentally crippling. Although you can alter certain aspects of your appearance through diet and exercise, if you were born with an aspect of your facial features that you found unsightly, you cannot easily alter it. So, should you be forced to live your entire life with something that bothers you? Of course not. If enhancing your look makes you feel better, who is anyone else to judge you?

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Fight Against the Effects of Aging

An additional reason people get plastic surgery has to do with the never ending fight with time. We age every day and our body shows it. As people age, they feel compelled to fight against the effects — an impulse that has existed throughout history. In modern society you are expected to live longer and work longer, all while looking young and healthy. Plastic surgery provides an option for remaining competitive from the all-important image standpoint.

Reconstructive Surgery

Finally, some people pursue plastic surgery as a remedy to an unfortunate problem. Plastic surgery in the form of reconstructive surgery can be undertaken after mastectomies, for instance. Body abnormalities resulting from birth defects or trauma are also areas where plastic surgery can provide an answer and a way to regain normalcy.