Skin Care for Bearded Men

man with bearded pushing back his hair

Even if some of your face is covered by facial hair, this doesn’t mean you can do without a healthy skin care routine. In fact, beards can cause more irritation and facial issues than a bare face! Here are some tips and tricks for keeping your beard (and the skin underneath) looking great day-in and day-out.

Don’t Over-Shampoo

Avoid over-shampooing your beard. Too much shampoo use on your beard can dry the skin underneath your facial hair out and cause beard dandruff. Your skin and your hair need a certain amount of natural oils to keep them healthy. It is typically suggested to shampoo once per week and condition your beard (with conditioner that is specifically for facial hair) three times per week. 

You can try different shampoo and condition frequencies to find the best balance for your particular beard and skin type. 

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Exfoliate Your Beard

Exfoliating will help prevent beard dandruff, ingrown hairs, build-up of dead skin, and dull texture. Use a facial exfoliating scrub for people with facial hair but make sure to only use it two or three times per week to avoid over-drying your skin and causing irritation. 

If you have sensitive skin, look for an exfoliating scrub that includes menthol, cucumber, or aloe extract. These ingredients can help cool and soothe irritated skin.

Keep Your Beard Moisturized

Invest in a good-smelling, high-quality beard oil to keep your beard looking and feeling the best it can be. Beard oil is formulated to moisturize deep in the hair follicle and rejuvenate your facial hair, restoring any lost moisture and shine. 

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Shave Correctly

When you shave, whether you’re getting rid of your beard or simply cleaning it up, you want to avoid shaving too quickly and rough. Use a sharp blade, and use a soothing cream and aftershave balm in order to decrease your chances of getting ingrown hairs and other irritating skin issues. 

At bare minimum, it is recommended to switch your razor blade every two or three shaves for the best results. Also remember to shave in the direction of hair growth — not against it.

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Athré Med Spa Products

At Athré Facial Plastics, we want you to feel confident and happy with your skin. Our med spa is happy to provide you with tips and tricks to get the smoothest skin underneath your beard, and we also offer a variety of great skin care products to up your daily and weekly regimen. 

Here are some products we recommend for our bearded clients:

Contact Athré Facial Plastics today and see what we can do to help reveal and enhance your beautiful, glowing skin!