What is Baby Botox?

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You may have started hearing about the new trend in facial fillers, something called “Baby Botox.” Don’t be concerned—this isn’t BOTOX® for babies. 

Also known as “micro-Botox,” Baby Botox refers to a Botox session where less of the traditional injectable is used. Think of it as a mini-version of your normal filler session. While regular Botox can treat larger areas not only on the face, Baby Botox is limited to the facial area, and only using 10 units in targeted micro-injections. 

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The Baby Botox Process

Baby Botox works the same as your typical Botox procedure, just with smaller doses. The treatment requires no anesthesia (although some doctors may offer a local anesthetic), and it only takes a few minutes. Injections are used on targeted areas including the glabellar lines, jawbone, frown lines, and crow’s feet. The effects are less dramatic and more natural looking than heavy doses of regular Botox.

Benefits of Baby Botox

Baby Botox has several benefits. It’s a perfect solution for those curious about Botox but who don’t want to commit to a full treatment. Concerned about fine lines or forehead wrinkles? Baby Botox can give you a natural smooth look without appearing “frozen” or obvious. Baby Botox is also less expensive than traditional Botox since it uses fewer units to achieve your desired result.

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Who Qualifies for Baby Botox?

Most people can qualify for Baby Botox, but the ideal candidate doesn’t have high blood pressure or any other bleeding condition, and has fairly healthy skin. If you have prior reaction to the botulism toxin found in injectables, you won’t want to sign up for this treatment.

Baby Botox Aftercare

Just like regular Botox, you may experience some slight discomfort after your Baby Botox session. Redness, facial numbness, and swelling may occur. These symptoms typically resolve themselves shortly after a session. You should see results from Baby Botox after only a few days, and most patients who get Baby Botox only need to come in for upkeep every four to five months.

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