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After a lot of research, you have finally decided to get rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty, cosmetic surgery to correct or enhance the shape of the nose, is a commonly performed procedure. Of course you’ve heard about this surgery itself, the cost involved, and the expectations you can have as results from this type of plastic surgery. The next thing you should consider is what to expect right after the nose job.

Initial Appearances

The image you see in the mirror immediately following your surgery can be startling. Your face will be bruised and swollen after the surgery has been completed, so don’t think that your reflection is your final look. Your nose might be packed with gauze, and you’ll be wearing a cast in order to support the healing nasal structure. Your doctor will tell you whether or not to keep ice or cold compresses on your nose. Some people feel that bags of frozen peas make a good ice pack, as they can mold to your face.


As you heal, your nose will be stuffed up and you’ll have to breathe through your mouth. You will also feel some pain from the procedure, and you may become nauseous or throw up. This can happen either from swallowing blood during the surgery, or from the after-effects of anesthesia. 

Cast Removal

In five to seven days, your surgeon will remove the cast from your nose and see your new nasal area. It will still be bruised and swollen, and you’ll want to take care to not jostle or hit your healing nose, as it will hurt.


In about ten days, give or take, your bruises will fade and you should feel ready to face the public if you haven’t done so already. You might want to cover any remaining bruises with color-corrective cosmetics. Your surgeon will often make recommendations regarding which cosmetics are right for your skin type and bruising pattern.

Final Results

Swelling will completely dissipate after about two to four months. In some cases, it can take up to a year before you’ll know exactly what your nose is going to look like. Some people become upset with the initial look of their postoperative nose in these first few months, as crookedness and bumps may show up during the healing process. 

Most surgeons recommend against going through any other procedures, such as revisions, for at least nine months after having a nose job. The healing process can sometimes take this long, so you will need to have some patience.

Rhinoplasty is the type of plastic surgery who has a very high success rate. In this case, success is defined as meeting the reasonable results the surgeon predicted prior to the surgery. That being said, you have to understand what to expect after a nose job, and have some patience.

Nose jobs can dramatically increase harmony and restore proportion to the face. Dr. Athré, whose offices are located in Houston, Texas, is one of the foremost rhinoplasty surgeons in the United States. Patients seek him out from all over the United States and from many international countries for his rhinoplasty and revision rhinoplasty experience.

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