• BM-01

    This patient initially sought medical attention for difficulty with excess skin of her upper eyelids. After a complete consultation, she decided that she would like to rejuvenate her overall face. Here she is shown 2 months after surgery with Dr. Athre in Houston, TX. A face lift, brow lift, and an upper eyelid surgery in the Houston area were performed.
  • Eyelid-08

    P is an active 59 year old woman who just did not look as young as she felt. She was very active, worked out frequently, hiked, and worked a full-time job. She actually lived in a small community in the mountains of Colorado, but came to know of Dr. Athre through her sister who lives in Houston, TX.Dr. Athre performed multiple telephone consultations and email consultations with P. This is a routine process at Athre Surgical Associates, since many patients fly into Houston for Dr. Athre to do their plastic surgery. After discussing the potential procedures, P chose to undergo a chin augmentation, a face lift, and eyelid surgery. The entire surgery was performed at the Kobayashi Surgical Center. P healed very well and was back on her way to Colorado in 10 days. most procedures have become stream-lined at Athre Surgical to facilitate our out-of-town patients. Here she is shown approximately 1 month after surgery. The patient had to take her own photographs, which explains the difference in backgrounds, etc in the post-operative pics. As an aside, P also had a skin cancer on her nose that was repaired by another surgeon in the past.
  • Eyelid-09

    S is a lovelly woman who also feels that "the face that she sees in the mirror doesn't match the way she feels on the inside." This is a very common statement at Athre Surgical Associates. Patients look high and low to find a plastic surgeon to give them a "refreshed" appearance, not a "done" appearance. S wanted exactly that. S also was an out-of-town patient. She underwent multiple phone consultations and even Skype consultations. After her consultations, S flew down to Houston for her face lift and eyelid surgery. She underwent the procedures at the Kobayashi Surgical Center in Clear Lake, a suburb of Houston. She stayed in town for 10 days and then flew back home. She is shown here 10 days after surgery. S's main concern that she not loose her "pseudo-Asian eyes" that her husband loved! That's why she had a very conservative upper blepharoplasty.
  • Facelift-02

    M is a lovely woman, who had concerns about her aging face. She desired a more refreshed, youthful appearance. She came to see Dr. Raghu Athre, after listening to her concerns, they came to the conclusion that a facelift was the best solution to her problem. She is shown here just 4 days post-op, healing very well and feeling great. She is very happy with her results thus far.
  • Facelift-01

    This patient presented with aging in the neck area. The patient simply wanted a tighter neck. After full evaluation of the patient, it was decided the patient would benefit primarily from a face lift rather than a RT Mini face lift because of the thickness of her skin and the tightness that she desired in the neck area. Here, she is shown 3 months following a face lift.
  • Facelift-03

    This is a facial rejuvenation patient who underwent a RT mini lift with full face laser resurfacing, and a laser lower eyelid blepharoplasty
  • Facelift-04

    This is a facial rejuvenation patient who underwent a RT mini lift with full face laser resurfacing, and a laser lower eyelid blepharoplasty
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