What to Know About Neocutis® for Smooth, Revitalized Skin

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Although Neocutis®  is one of the new skin care lines being carried at Athré Facial Plastics, Neocutis® is not a new skin product, and is backed with a significant amount of scientific research. Following the adage of other products represented in the Athré Skin Care line, Neocutis® also creates results rather than simply covering up issues.

I have said many times that skin care is as integral a part of plastic surgery as the surgical procedures themselves. Too many products in the market today promise results without being backed with scientific evidence they actually work. All of the products represented under the Athré skin care line have scientific basis for their results and a definite purpose, rather than claiming to just make skin softer and more supple.

The Science Behind Neocutis®

Neocutis® was born out of Switzerland. Several astute doctors performing in utero surgeries on problematic fetuses found that if surgeries were performed early enough the babies were born with no evidence of a surgical scar. However, if surgeries were performed later on during the pregnancy or after the birth, the surgical scars were apparent. The reason behind this was that the chemicals and growth factors that are present in fetal cells allow wounds to heal without a trace of a scar.

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining

During the same time as the above discoveries were being made, a nurse at the same hospital fell victim to an unforeseen tragedy. Her pregnancy needed to be terminated due to serious intrauterine birth defects, and subsequent risk to the mother. After a thorough ethics panel review, the pregnancy was terminated, and the fetus was donated for scientific research. The cells from that fetus were studied, and subsequently cloned to create the necessary growth factors for creating Neocutis®.

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What Does Neocutis® Do?

The growth factors derived from the embryonic stem cell bank were purified to create a topical medication. The original purpose of this medication was for the prevention of scarring and long term sequelae in pediatric burn patients. The results were so promising, that they created Neocutis®, a word coming from Greek and Latin words for “new skin.” We now use Neocutis® to help repair damaged skin including the area around surgical incisions, sun damaged skin, and wrinkled and aging skin.

How Do I Use It?

Neocutis® is a topical medication that is applied one to two times a day to the skin. One can start seeing results in 4-6 weeks, but the results will continue to improve with consistent use. Neocutis® is effective for post-chemical peel skin and for patients after laser resurfacing. The product also works to revitalize the under eye region and other areas of the face that are prone to sun damage.

For more information contact us to set up a skin consultation with our aesthetician. She will be able to help you create a skin regimen that does something—not just covers it up.

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